6 Things You Need to Know When Buying an Inground Pool in 2022

6 Things You Need to Know When Buying an Inground Pool in 2022

Buying an inground pool for your backyard will make summer a blast! Kids and adults alike will enjoy spending days poolside. You can use your inground pool for exercise, relaxation, pool games, alone time, pool parties, and more! Your backyard pool also makes a great backdrop for non-swimming events such as dinner or hosting a crowd. But, before installing your inground pool, there are considerations to think through.

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, designing and installing inground pools is one of our specialties. Our team can help you think through and build the inground pool of your dreams! As you get started in the process, here are six things you need to know when buying an inground pool in 2022.

Know the Types of Inground Pools

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, you can choose from two types of inground pools: custom concrete pools and vinyl liner pools. Concrete pools are made with gunite, a concrete mixture. Once the pool’s frame is made using rebar and form boards, the gunite mix is sprayed to create the pool’s final shape. With a concrete pool, you can fully customize the shape, size, and features. Additionally, concrete pools are quite beautiful!

On the other hand, Radiant® vinyl liner pools are also stunning! Though pre-made, these vinyl liner pools are still customizable. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can still add on fun pool features. Check out this finished Radiant inground pool build we did. Come visit us in-store and we can help you decide if a concrete pool or vinyl liner pool is best for you.

Know Inground Pool Installation Times

Unfortunately, pool installations do not happen overnight, though we wish they did. There are a lot of reasons why swimming pool builds need to be planned way in advance. In addition to the planning and design process taking time, it can take a while to get the appropriate permits, prepare financially, and learn about proper pool ownership. We also have to work around Kansas weather conditions. 

In addition to the preparation, Energy Center-Manhattan Pool is the premier pool builder in Manhattan and beyond. Our schedule for pool installation is filled for months in advance. For this reason, we recommend scheduling your spot on our calendar as soon as you decide on buying an inground pool. 

Once you’re on our schedule, the build time is typically two to three months for concrete pools and two to four weeks for vinyl liner pools. Learn more about when you can get a pool in Kansas here

Know Inground Pool Cost

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, affordable inground pools. Before you get started, you should know typical inground pool costs.

Radiant vinyl liner pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes with prices starting around $8,000 and then going up to around $20,000. For a concrete pool, prices exceed this amount and continue to go up with size, design features, accessories, and more. You can expect a custom concrete pool to cost an average of $30,000-$60,000. 

Buying an inground pool is an investment in your family and your home. With an inground pool, you will get years of fun, exercise, and enjoyment. This is why we partner with HFS Financial for any amount at competitive rates. Apply for a home improvement loan to get the ball rolling.  

Know Your Inground Pool Add-On Options

Both concrete and vinyl liner inground pools can have fun, customized add-ons. You’ll want to budget for these extra add-ons to make your pool unique and best fit your needs. These pool add-ons include color-changing laminars, bubblers, LED in-water lights, waterfall, sun ledge, basketball hoop, and more. You can get as creative as you’d like! Keep in mind, all customized pool add-ons need to be decided on before installation begins. As you decide on these additions, also consider how they might affect the size or position of your pool.  Know Your Inground Pool Accessory Options

In addition to custom pool add-ons, you will want to start thinking about pool accessory options you’ll enjoy. These pool accessories may include pool floats, outdoor furniture, a poolside fire pit, an upgraded pool cleaning system, a grill, and others. You may also want to consider an automatic pool cover. An automatic pool cover protects your pool from collecting dirt or debris and gives your peace of mind between uses. Then, when you’re ready to use your pool it can be retracted in just a matter of seconds. 

Unlike custom pool add-ons, most pool accessories can be added at any time in the building process. The only exception is the automatic pool cover which we will install during construction.

Know How to Prepare Your Backyard for Your Inground Pool

Before buying an inground pool, you need to assess your backyard space. You need to determine what size pool you want and what your backyard can hold. As a general rule of thumb, we say an inground pool should not exceed 25%-33% of your total backyard square footage. Other factors that can affect pool size include the anticipated number of pool users, how your plan to use your pool, the pool shape, add-on features, and more. Read more about how big your backyard needs to be to get an inground swimming pool.

In addition to backyard size, you should also make a plan for the surrounding area. What landscaping elements do you want? Will you want a cool deck surface, tile, or wood decking? And how will the rest of your backyard fit in with the addition of a pool? For help thinking through these questions and others, reach out to our pool design experts.

Buying an Inground Pool with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pools, we are the leading pool builder in Manhattan and the surrounding area. As you consider adding a concrete pool or vinyl liner pool to your home, think through these six things you need to know when buying an inground pool in 2022. Contact us about building your inground pool. Come find your gathering place with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

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