Why Swimming Pool Builds Need to be Planned Way in Advance

Why Swimming Pool Builds Need to be Planned Way in Advance

Adding a pool to your backyard is a guaranteed ticket to summer fun. Imagine your friends and family gathering around your pool for endless days of splashing, enjoying delicious summer treats, soaking in the sun, and savoring bountiful good times. But deciding to add a pool today doesn’t mean a pool tomorrow. As the leader for pool building and care in the Manhattan area, we know that swimming pool builds require some forethought. Let us help answer why swimming pool builds need to be planned way in advance. 

Dreaming and Design

The first step to the pool building process is dreaming. Do you prefer an inground, semi-inground, or above ground pool? What are the must-have features you desire in your pool? At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we can help educate you on the features of each type of pool so you can be an informed dreamer. You also want to plan ahead for the area surrounding your pool. Think through your decking and landscaping wishes. Once you have a good idea of what you want, our design team can help make your dreams a reality. Take a look at pools we have built for inspiration.


Pool cost is a piece of the pool building puzzle that should be determined and arranged in advance. Adding a pool to your backyard is an investment with both short-term and long-term payouts, including adding value to your home. Whether adding an inground, semi-inground, or above ground pool, pool cost requires financial planning. Energy Center-Manhattan Pool offers financing through HFS Financial to make the process simple and flawless. Contact us today to begin the process today.


Manhattan and the surrounding areas require swimming pool permits for inground, semi-inground, and above ground pools. It takes time to apply and receive city approval before you can begin pool building. Planning in advance helps prevent this step from slowing the process on your pool install. 

Set a Date on the Calendar

It is never too early to plan and claim a spot on our calendar. Energy Center-Manhattan Pool is the leader in pools and pool installation for Manhattan and the tri-county area. Don’t let your building process be delayed because you failed to plan ahead. We are already planning pool builds into 2023, contact us today to claim a spot on the calendar. 

Education and Preparation

No matter if you are a seasoned pool owner or if you will be a first-time pool owner, educating yourself on the latest in pool care and maintenance should start early. We can educate you on the various methods for cleaning your pool, accessories, the equipment you’ll need, seasonal care, and more! As a result, you will be ready for all things pool care once your pool is installed.

Now you know why swimming pool builds need to be planned way in advance. So, let the planning begin! Energy Center-Manhattan Pool has all the resources to help you do so, from design to financing to installation. Let us help you envision and create the pool of your dreams. Come find your gathering place.

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