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Hot Tub Accessories

Upgrade your hot tub with trendy and functional accessories.

Hot Tub Accessories

The ultimate hot tub experience is about more than soaking in warm, soothing waters. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of hot tub accessories designed to enhance your relaxation and maintenance. From cover lifters that make opening and closing your spa a breeze to durable covers for optimal insulation – we’ve got you covered. Our extensive collection of accessories ensures that you can customize your hot tub experience, keeping it both enjoyable and hassle-free. Discover the possibilities to make your hot tub time truly exceptional.

Aroma Therapy

Transform Your Spa Experience with inSPAration

The inSPAration Spa and Bath Fragrance is a special blend of scents created for use in hot tubs. All our wonderful fragrance mixes are safe for all the parts of your spa, such as the jets, motors, pumps, and tub surfaces. When you use inSPAration, it can cover up any unpleasant chemical smells without affecting the balance of your hot water. What’s more, our unique fragrance blends include moisturizers that make your skin feel soft and moisturized, without leaving any oily residue on your skin or in your tub.

Audio Options

Upgrade Your spa with Bluetooth® audio systems.

Enhance your spa experience with optional Bluetooth® music systems, available on many models. Stream your favorite tunes for a delightful soundtrack to your hydrotherapy session. Perfect for relaxation, romantic moments, or backyard gatherings, these audio systems feature Bluetooth connectivity and are offered on many spa models. Transform your soak into a multisensory delight with the power of music.

Smart Technology

Stay connected to your spa anytime, anywhere.

The Hot Spring® Spas app transforms spa ownership with convenient control and monitoring. From your mobile phone, adjust spa settings, control the FreshWater® IQ Salt System, and set up personalized alerts. Experience peace of mind by remotely checking spa status and ensuring proper maintenance. Simplify your spa experience, reduce downtime, and enjoy personalized control wherever you are.

Cover Lifters

The secret power of cover lifters.

Ensure your hot tub experience remains hassle-free with a reliable cover lifter. 

  • Solo Soaking Made Simple: Cover lifters ease the removal of hot tub covers, especially important since they can weigh up to 70 pounds. With lifters, enjoy your spa alone effortlessly.
  • Space Matters: Choose a lifter based on your spa’s clearance. With multiple cover lifters available, you’ll find the ideal cover lifter at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.
  • Prolonged Spa Life: Easy cover removal encourages regular water care, enhancing spa longevity. Invest wisely in a cover lifter to simplify your hot tub maintenance, ensuring sparkling clean water for years of enjoyment.

Marquis® Environments™

Crafted for elegance.

Enhance your hot tub with Marquis® Environments™ accessories. Stylish steps and entry benches bring both practicality and elegance to your indoor or outdoor area.

Environments modules seamlessly match your Marquis hot tub’s color palette, ensuring a cohesive and personalized look. Crafted with durability and weather-resistant materials, these accessories adhere to Marquis high standards. Elevate your hot tub experience with added personalization and sophistication.

Hot Tub Steps

Step into comfort.

Upgrade your hot tub experience with steps, available in one or two-step heights. Designed to match your hot tub, these steps provide both safety and convenience by offering excellent traction even when wet. Hot tub steps from Energy Center-Manhattan Pool come with an adjustable mounting bracket for added stability. Benches are another option, doubling as seating or combining with a step for easy access. Selected benches offer additional storage with durable hinges and weather-resistant lids.

Hot Tub Lighting

Explore the wonders of multicolor LED accent lights.

Enhance your hot tub nights with brilliant LED accent lighting. Beyond adding beauty, it serves as functional illumination for safer spa use. The multicolor LED lights not only create a visually appealing atmosphere but also enhance visibility within and around your spa. With variable color modes, experience less stress and more relaxation during your hydrotherapy sessions.


Unlock radiant skin with MicroSilk®.

Soaking in a Marquis® hot tub with MicroSilk® is like treating your entire body to an oxygen facial, a luxury experience that deeply moisturizes and hydrates your skin, helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The effervescent cloud of microbubbles envelopes your body, stimulating circulation and cellular respiration for a radiant glow and rapid skin cell regeneration.

The anti-aging benefits are noticeable, offering real effects without surgery or recovery time. MicroSilk hydrotherapy in a Marquis hot tub provides increased skin metabolism, enhanced skin cell growth, deep cleansing of pores, and reduced signs of aging. The therapeutic levels of anions in MicroSilk bubbles, 50 to 100 times smaller than regular hot tub bubbles, promote emotional stability, well-being, and restful sleep, while eliminating free radicals and aiding in the healing process.


Heat and cool your way to relaxation.

Upgrade your hot tub experience with the CoolZone™ System, offering the unique ability to heat and cool your spa water, a feature not commonly found in other spas. Embrace a refreshing dip during the day and a warm soak at night—all made possible by the CoolZone system working seamlessly with your spa’s heater, efficiently adjusting the temperature in just a few hours. With the CoolZone system, you can lower the water temperature to as refreshing as 60 degrees. For dedicated athletes, the ability to cool the water significantly provides soothing relief for muscles after intense workouts, adding an extra layer of therapeutic benefit to your hot tub experience.

Replacement Hot Tub Covers

Energy-efficient hot tub covers for every brand.

Discover energy-efficient hot tub covers designed to save you money on heating costs. These rigid vinyl covers feature insulating foam cores, tightly sealing in heat for increased energy efficiency. Save on both energy and water bills with their tight seal, minimizing heat and water loss through evaporation.

Constructed with durability in mind, these covers boast heavy-duty, marine-grade vinyl, polyester thread, and poly-ply laminate. A tapered custom-fit core allows water runoff, while nylon flaps and reinforced internal stress points enhance longevity. The covers also feature exclusive brackets for robust support and easy installation of cover lifters, extending their lifespan. Safety is prioritized with adjustable, UL-classified covers adhering to ASTM standards and child safety locks. For replacement covers, rely on Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, ensuring continued energy savings and durability for your hot tub.

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