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Energy Center-Manhattan Pool stands out by offering something special that other pool companies don’t have. We’re different from other pool builders because we stick to our tradition of making top-notch pools to industry standards and above, plus we provide great customer service before, during, and after the sale. Also, we can show you a 3D picture of your pool so you can see how it will look before it’s built.

Pool Types

These are the different types of in-ground pools we build

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl liner pools are a popular and cost-effective option characterized by a vinyl membrane lining the pool’s interior. Known for versatility, these pools come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, catering to individual preferences. The smooth vinyl surface is gentle on the skin, offering comfort during every swim. Installation involves constructing a metal framework and fitting the vinyl liner, which we can typically do within 4-8 weeks. While durable, vinyl liners may require replacement every 7 to 10 years. (However, replacing a liner costs much less than replastering a pool.) These pools provide an accessible entry point into the world of swimming pools, combining affordability with customization and a comfortable swimming experience.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools, highly regarded for their durability and customization, feature a construction process involving the shaping of a steel-reinforced framework and the application of sprayed concrete. This method allows for virtually limitless design possibilities, accommodating various shapes, sizes, and intricate features. Renowned for longevity, concrete pools boast a sturdy structure capable of withstanding even the harshest Kansas weather. Installation usually takes 8-16 weeks and the result is a resilient and visually stunning backyard centerpiece. Resurfacing may be required over time. Concrete pools offer a luxurious and enduring solution for those seeking a tailored and long-lasting aquatic retreat.

Largest Variety of Pool Shapes

All of our shapes are customizable!

Features to Transform Your Backyard Pool

Turn your pool into a showstopper by incorporating stunning features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked swimming pool questions.

What are the advantages of a vinyl liner pool?

Vinyl liner pools are extremely versatile. They offer a wide range of design options, allowing homeowners to customize the shape, size, and appearance of their pool. The smooth surface of vinyl liners is gentle on the skin, providing a comfortable swimming experience. Homeowners can choose from various patterns and colors for the vinyl liner, providing flexibility in achieving the desired aesthetic. If the liner gets damaged, or if you want to update the look of your pool, you can replace the liner anytime. The average lifespan of a vinyl liner is 7-10 years.

Concrete allows for complete customization of the pool’s shape, size, and features, enabling homeowners to create a unique and personalized swimming environment. Many of our most popular pool features, like zero entry, spillovers, and lazy rivers, are possible with a concrete pool. Concrete pools can be finished with a variety of materials, including tiles, aggregate (PebbleTec), or plaster, providing a wide range of aesthetic options. If necessary, concrete pools can be renovated or repaired, allowing for updates or modifications to the pool’s finish or features. The average lifespan of a plaster finish is up to 10 years, and the average lifespan of a PebbleTec finish is 20 years.

PebbleTec and plaster are both materials used as finishes for concrete swimming pools, but they differ in composition, appearance, and durability. Here are some key differences:

Material Composition: Plaster is a traditional pool finish made of a mixture of white Portland cement, water, and marble dust or other aggregates. It provides a smooth and classic look to the pool surface. PebbleTec is a proprietary blend that includes small, smooth river pebbles mixed with cement. This creates a textured and natural-looking finish.

Appearance: Plaster tends to have a smooth and simple appearance, typically in white or light colors. It has a rich look and feel, especially when incorporated with tile for a custom look. Over time, it may be susceptible to staining and discoloration. PebbleTec provides a textured and visually interesting surface due to the embedded pebbles. It comes in a variety of pebble sizes and colors to create a natural, rustic look… or even a finger aggregate that creates a more refined look.

Texture: Plaster offers a smooth surface that can feel sleek underfoot. PebbleTec has a textured surface due to the pebbles, providing a tactile and visually dynamic experience.

Durability: Plaster is durable but may be prone to surface issues over time, such as cracking, chipping, or staining. PebbleTec is often considered more durable than plaster. The embedded pebbles add strength to the finish, and the texture can help resist stains and damage.

Longevity: While plaster is a common and cost-effective option, it may require more frequent resurfacing compared to some alternative finishes. PebbleTec is known for its longevity and may require less frequent resurfacing compared to plaster.

Cost: Plaster is generally less expensive upfront compared to PebbleTec. PebbleTec has a premium finish and may have a higher initial cost, but some homeowners find it worthwhile for its aesthetics and durability.

Swimming pool installation crews usually start working between 8 AM and 9 AM, and they work until around 3 PM to 4 PM. The exact times might change depending on the weather. You don’t need to be home every day they’re working, but there are some times when we’ll need you there. We’ll tell you about these dates in advance. If we need to talk to you, your salesman or the project manager will get in touch through a call, email, or text.

Memberships, Certifications, Recognitions

Trust the Certified Professionals at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool

Energy Center-Manhattan Pool not only employs Certified Builder Professionals, but our team also holds certifications and pursues ongoing education through Watershape University, Essential Fluid Engineering, Advanced Fluid Engineering, and Advanced Pool Construction. Our expertise extends to multiple elements such as pool hydraulics, filter and pump flow rates, and pool chemistry.

Aqua 100

Energy Center-Manhattan Pool is proud to announce it has been inducted into the AQUA 100 in 2023, an exclusive honor bestowed to just 10 North American pool and spa retailers each year.

The AQUA 100, presented by AQUA Magazine, is an industry-leading competition designed to honor excellence in pool and spa retail. “This national competition evaluates each business on a variety of measures, and the blind scoring of the judges ensures a truly worthy winner,” says AQUA Magazine Executive Editor Scott Webb. “It is quite the honor to be selected as an AQUA 100 winner, especially in today’s market.”

The application process was rigorous, requiring entrants to provide detailed information on company history, customer service, store design, digital presence, marketing and community involvement, complete with supporting documents. Applicants were judged by an independent panel of retail experts.

“We are so grateful and appreciative of this honorable induction! Thank you to our customers and Aqua Magazine!” -Kimberly and Brian Weber

United Aqua Group

As a member of United Aqua Group, Energy Center-Manhattan Pool gains access to exclusive training and learning opportunities designed to enhance our industry expertise. Our team participates in educational symposiums, networking events, peer support programs, and the annual conference. Only the best of the best are selected to build knowledge among this elite group of pool professionals.

Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

Energy Center-Manhattan Pool is a proud member of The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA). This is the oldest and largest association that represents swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs companies. For over 50 years, PHTA has been helping its members and the public by providing important information about the industry. Since 1983, PHTA is the only industry organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute as the recognized Standards Development Organization to promote and develop the nation’s standards for swimming pools and hot tubs.

Watershape University Logo

Watershape University

Watershape University (WU) provides educational programs and credentials that cover all critical aspects of designing, engineering, and constructing recreational and decorative aquatic systems. It is established on the principle that teamwork surpasses individual achievement.

WU advocates for principled leadership, honesty, integrity, a supportive culture, and altruism, asserting that these values will foster both personal growth and professional advancement.

Watershape University embodies the collective decades of experience from some of the industry's most distinguished professionals and educators. Its courses are meticulously crafted to impart essential knowledge through an in-depth exploration of technical, artistic, and business disciplines.

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