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Swimming Pool Service

Our Skilled Technicians Keep Your Pool in Top Shape, Always

Expert Pool Maintenance from
Energy Center-Manhattan Pool

Swimming pools built by Energy Center-Manhattan Pool are built to last, but we are here to support you with routine maintenance that owning a swimming pool requires. We’re also here in case any other troubles arise. Our team has the experience, tools, and training to solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Swimming Pool Openings and Closings

Enjoy a seamless swim season every year

As Kansas warms up during the Spring, our team at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool is ready to transform your backyard into a summer haven with professional pool openings. Our process involves removing covers, checking equipment, and conducting a thorough cleaning to ensure your pool is pristine and ready for you to enjoy. From balancing chemicals to inspecting safety features, we can take care of every detail. Ultimately, you as the pool owner determine how much you want us to do. We can do the minimum, or we can handle everything so your pool is turn key crystal blue.

As the days grow shorter, we will ensure a smooth transition from summer to fall with our comprehensive pool closing services. Our team prepares your pool for the off-season by winterizing equipment, blowing out lines and adding antifreeze, balancing chemicals, and securing covers. When you trust Energy Center-Manhattan Pool with your pool closing, you safeguard your investment, ensuring a hassle-free reopening when the warmth of spring returns.

Expert Swimming Pool Maintenance

Experience tailored service for a pristine pool.

Keep your pool clean and in excellent condition all season long with service from our expert staff. We’ll take care of your pool anywhere from one to three times a week, depending on the level of maintenance you desire. Heading out on vacation? No problem; we can take care of your pool while you’re away. We provide a full range of routine maintenance services, including balancing your pool’s chemicals, cleaning debris and leaves, skimming surfaces, vacuuming the pool bottom, and backwashing filters.

In addition to weekly maintenance, we offer equipment repair, acid wash, and more. Need a part? We keep a deep inventory of supplies in our warehouse so you’ll experience little to no downtime. Our manufacturer-trained staff will ensure your pool is running smoothly all year long, leaving you free time to enjoy your pool with your family. And if you ever need assistance, trust our top-notch technicians; we’re the preferred warranty service provider for almost every manufacturer in the swimming pool industry. With regular maintenance from Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, your beautiful aquatic space will always be clean, sparkling, and ready for the perfect swim.

Expert Swimming Pool Repair Team

Our technicians have the highest levels of training in the industry.

When your swimming pool is in need of repair, trust the team at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool to get it up and running again. Our technicians frequently attend manufacturer training as well as education opportunities from the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance. It’s part of why we received the Aqua 100 award; because of excellence customer service and top-notch repairs. See why we’re the preferred authorized service and warranty provider for almost every major manufacturer in the swimming pool industry.

Leak Detection

One of our most popular pool maintenance requests

Buying or selling a home? Or just curious if you’re losing too much water? Take advantage of our Leak Detection services… one of the most popular requests by pool owners in our area. Discovering and addressing leaks promptly is crucial for maintaining a pristine and efficient swimming pool. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, our advanced leak detection services ensure a swift resolution to any water loss issues.

Using cutting-edge techniques such as pressure testing, dye testing, electronic leak analyzers, and state-of-the-art water loss sensors, our skilled technicians can identify leaks and we can repair them with precision. Whether you’re preparing for a home sale inspection or seeking peace of mind, our comprehensive leak detection options guarantee a thorough assessment.

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