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Energy Center-Manhattan Pool offers a wide range of grills and accessories to meet the demands of any backyard barbecue.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Design Your Dream Outdoor Haven

Add a touch of sophistication to your patio, deck, or backyard with Stoll’s exquisite outdoor kitchen islands. Whether you desire a ready-to-use prefab island or dream of a fully customized outdoor kitchen, Stoll is here to turn your vision into reality.

Stoll’s standard-size aluminum outdoor kitchen islands boast quality craftsmanship, swift production times, and an attractive price point. Pre-assembled for immediate use, these islands come in various sizes, accommodating grills up to 42″ wide. Choose from over 15 outdoor-rated finishes to personalize the color of your base, countertop, doors, and drawers.

Stoll is also the premier manufacturer of grill hoods and fume hoods. Use one of their designs or create a custom range hood that’s custom-wrapped and accented.

For those seeking a truly unique culinary haven, the Energy Center-Manhattan Pool team will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen. Customize your kitchen by choosing from 15 outdoor-rated finishes, including colors for the base, doors, drawers, and aluminum countertops.

Stoll’s commitment to quality shines through in weather-resistant aluminum framework, lightweight modular designs, and the flexibility to add premium Stoll components or select components from your preferred brand. Made in the USA, these outdoor kitchens are not only durable but also rust-resistant, ensuring longevity and performance.

Embark on a culinary journey with Stoll’s outdoor kitchens, where customization meets craftsmanship, and every outdoor moment becomes a celebration. Let us help you design, dream, and indulge in the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience.

Gas Grills

Explore the World of Napoleon Gas Grills

For decades, gas grills have held a cherished place in American backyards, celebrated for their precise cooking, easy cleanup, and swift, accurate heating. The diverse range of price points caters to various needs, ensuring that every grilling enthusiast can find their perfect match. With higher BTU outputs for intense searing, infrared burners for cooking versatility, and the option for built-in units for an integrated look, gas grills offer a wealth of options.

Enter the innovative world of North American-made Napoleon Gas Grills, seamlessly combining the flavor of charcoal grills with the convenience of gas. Bridging the gap between grilling newcomers and seasoned experts, Napoleon Gas Grills offers an intuitive cast iron charcoal tray, robust steel construction, and industry-leading warranties of up to fifteen years.

Whether you crave the unmatched flavor of charcoal or the ease of gas, Napoleon Gas Grills provides a solution. These grills embody versatility, dependability, and convenience, making them the top choice for both seasoned grill masters and enthusiastic newcomers. Elevate your grilling experience with Napoleon, where the spirit of gathering and savoring delicious moments comes to life.

Kamado-Style Charcoal Grills

Artful Design, Culinary Versatility – The Big Green Egg

Discover the unparalleled grilling excellence of the Big Green Egg at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, where artful design meets uncompromising performance for your outdoor kitchen. Blending the flavors of a smoker, the cooking power of an oven, and the convenience of a grill, the Big Green Egg is a versatile culinary powerhouse.

Originally brought to America by soldiers returning from Japan, this kamado-style grill has a rich history dating back centuries. Constructed with distinctive ceramic developed in part by NASA, it retains heat and moisture exceptionally well, enduring exposure to the elements for a lifetime of flavorful cooking memories. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Big Green Egg is an investment that becomes a cherished backyard tradition.

Noteworthy for its year-round performance, the Big Green Egg excels in all seasons, delivering consistently even cooking temperatures and unmatched fuel efficiency. Its quick ignition using natural lump charcoal ensures that your dishes burst with flavor and moisture, making it an ideal choice for those who seek convenient and flavorful charcoal grilling experiences. Elevate your outdoor cooking with the versatile, dependable, and stylish Big Green Egg Smoker.

Pellet Grills

Smokin’ Brothers pellet grills redefine outdoor cooking

Discover the art of outdoor cooking with Smokin’ Brothers pellet grills, meticulously crafted in Missouri by a Kansas State University engineering graduate Ryan Eftink. These grills embody professional-grade performance and superior smoking capabilities, offering intuitive design and push-button simplicity for a delightful outdoor cooking experience.

Pellet grills, renowned for their consistent temperature control and versatility, redefine the grilling and smoking landscape. With the ability to easily set and maintain precise temperatures, you can achieve perfect results every time. Smokin’ Brothers pellet grills stand out with insulated walls for colder-temperature cooking, automatic temperature adjustment, and the option for cold smoking.

Experience the quintessential smoky flavor that sets pellet grills apart. Smokin’ Brothers, known for their even heat distribution, welded frame, and American-made quality, offer expanded cooking space, digital thermostats, premium steel construction, and porcelain grids for even searing.

Explore the Myron Mixon grill series, designed by the 5-time World Champion and 11-time National Champion in barbecue. Myron Mixon grills share the exceptional features of Smokin’ Brothers with added capacity for larger grilling endeavors. Elevate your outdoor cooking with the perfect blend of performance, convenience, and flavor offered by Smokin’ Brothers and Myron Mixon grills.

Grill Accessories

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of accessories to enhance your gas, pellet, or charcoal grilling experience. From pellets and charcoal to precision tools and add-ons that make outdoor cooking a breeze, we have everything you need to become a backyard culinary master.

One standout in our accessory lineup is Ortman’s Woodcraft charcuterie and cutting boards—a fusion of functionality and artistry. Crafting hand-made wood products in Patton, Missouri, Ortman’s Woodcraft is dedicated to delivering quality and functionality. Their process often begins by salvaging wood from local farms or sourcing sustainably harvested exotic woods. Every piece is meticulously crafted in their home-based shop, ensuring attention to detail and unique design.

Another popular grill accessory is the line of indoor/outdoor range hoods. Stoll is also the premier manufacturer of grill hoods and fume hoods. Use one of their designs or create a custom range hood that’s custom-wrapped and accented. Experience the joy of grilling with accessories that are as unique and exceptional as your outdoor cooking adventures.

Rent a Smoker

Rent the BARQ 2400 for Your Ultimate BBQ Experience

Introducing the BARQ 2400, a revolutionary wood pellet smoker that brings innovation, efficiency, and unbeatable flavor to your backyard BBQ experience. Energy Center-Manhattan Pool is thrilled to announce the availability of the BARQ 2400 for rent on a convenient trailer. This is a new addition to our offerings, and we’re excited to provide enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience top-tier grilling technology.

In partnership with the legendary Myron Mixon, the BARQ 2400 represents the pinnacle of American-made grills. Boasting a 3-year warranty and an industry-leading cooking surface of 2,400 square inches, this smoker is designed to handle any culinary challenge, from intimate gatherings to grand events. The competition cart comes standard, providing mobility and storage without additional costs.

Designed with versatility in mind, the BARQ series is outdoor kitchen-ready and features a heavy-gauge steel firebox, stainless lid, and a Que-View WiFi-enabled controller for remote temperature control. The unique down-draft smoke stack design ensures a fully-charged cooking chamber, delivering exceptional results with every smoke-infused bite. Rent the BARQ 2400 and discover the unmatched craftsmanship that sets it apart in the world of wood pellet smokers. Your BBQ adventure awaits – reserve yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked grill questions.

How do I clean and maintain my gas grill?

Regularly clean grates, burners, and grease trays. Check for gas leaks by applying a soapy water solution to the connections. Store the propane tank in a cool, shaded area.

Yes, many gas grills are convertible to natural gas. Our expert installation team can help you with this.

BTU (British Thermal Unit) measures heat output. Higher BTU doesn’t always mean better; consider grill size and construction for optimal performance.

Pellet grills use wood pellets as fuel, providing a combination of wood-fired flavor and the convenience of a gas grill. An auger feeds pellets into a fire pot, and a controller regulates temperature.

Yes, you can experiment with various food-grade quality pellet flavors to enhance the taste of your food. Just make sure to follow your grill manufacturer’s guidelines.

Regularly empty the ash pan, clean the grates, and inspect the fire pot. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for a more detailed cleaning routine.

Use a chimney starter or electric charcoal starter for even and efficient lighting. Avoid using lighter fluid, as it can impart a chemical taste.

Control airflow by adjusting vents. Open vents for higher temperatures and close them for lower temperatures. Practice and experimentation will help you master temperature control.

Yes, but they have different characteristics. Briquettes burn longer and more consistently, while lump charcoal provides a more natural smoky flavor.

Outdoor kitchens enhance entertainment, convenience, and home value. They offer a dedicated space for grilling, cooking, and socializing, bringing the indoors outside.

Choose weather-resistant materials, invest in quality covers, and consider a roof or pergola. Regular cleaning and maintenance also extend the lifespan of your outdoor kitchen.

Absolutely! Many outdoor kitchens are customizable, allowing you to choose finishes, countertops, and additional features to suit your style and preferences. Consult with one of our design professionals for personalized options.

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