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Swimming Pool Water Care

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Our Experience Makes Pool Care Easier and
More Enjoyable

We proudly recommend BioGuard water care products for pools (and hot tubs), ensuring top-notch quality backed by 60 years of pool servicing expertise. We prioritize your skin’s health, offering advice on optimal chemical selection and application. Our pool water care products simplify water care, “for a cleaner, clearer pool you have to see to believe.” Invest in BioGuard’s 3-step water care system for a gentler, wellness-focused pool experience.

You can trust Energy Center-Manhattan Pool for crystal-clear pools with a vast selection of professional services and products, from openings to closings. Choose from chlorine, bromine, mineral, and salt sanitation options for a safe and enjoyable pool. Our free water testing service provides personalized advice for achieving the perfect water balance every time.

Accurate Water Testing with our BioGuard Smart Lab

ALEX® is your pool’s BFF

Regularly testing your pool’s water is crucial. A proper water chemistry test significantly reduces maintenance efforts, makes your chemicals more effective, and it prevents unnecessary, time-consuming treatments in the future. Properly balanced water also prolongs the life of your equipment and pool finishes, saving you money in the long run. The best and easiest way to get an in-depth analysis of your pool water is with the BioGuard Smart Lab at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool. Our state-of-the-art ALEX® system, which stands for Analysis Expert, was made to check more than just the basics you find in regular home test kits or apps. It also checks for issues that might cause problems for your pool’s surfaces and equipment and how the chemicals can affect each other.

The BioGuard Smart Lab employs a spectrophotometer for the most accurate water testing in pools (and spas). This instrument gauges light intensity and color changes in solutions. By introducing reagents, the solution will change colors. The spectrophotometer interprets this color change, providing precise results about what chemicals you need to properly balance your pool. How does it work? It operates by measuring light absorbed or transmitted by a solution, which is crucial for analyzing specific concentrations in water samples.

How do you access the BioGuard Smart Lab ALEX® system? It’s simple! Bring a sample of your swimming pool water to our showroom once a month (or anytime you’re doubting your own tests at home) and we’ll run the test for you. It doesn’t cost you anything to get a water analysis, which is an easy-to-read, color coded instruction sheet for how to balance your pool water for comfort, clarity, and equipment protection.

Professional Quality Pool Chemicals from BioGuard

Chemicals, advice, and service with a friendly touch

Applying the right products at the right time is an important step in your pool maintenance routine. Using high-quality chemicals, according to the directions provided by our ALEX® system, protects swimmers from disease transmission, protects the pool equipment, and ensures your water is clear and comfortable for swimming.

Tested and proven effective, BioGuard products are known for delivering reliable results and making pool care as easy as 1-2-3… literally.

  • Step 1: Sanitizers​ to clean water
  • ​Step 2: Shock​ to remove contaminants
  • ​Step 3: Algae killing and prevention

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we carry an extensive line of pool solutions for all needs.

Rather Do It Yourself? We’ve Got What You Need

Professional Training from BioGuard

Excellence Through BioGuard Partnership and H2Know Training

Energy Center-Manhattan Pool works closely with BioGuard for training and ongoing education. Staff members go through H2Know to ensure our technicians have the highest level of expertise in the industry. The program consists of in-depth training on water chemistry, maintenance and prevention methods, troubleshooting, and customer interaction. Dealers receive certification as they advance in the program, which assures you will receive the highest level of customer service from an H2Know Certified Water Care Expert.

We also offer work with closely with BioGuard to pass some of that education onto our consumers. For those interested in maintaining their own swimming pool, we host an annual Pool School. Pool owners learn how to use the right products and do the right things to get the right results the first time.

Tips to Save on Chlorine

Managing chlorine demand means you save money on chemicals

Chlorine demand is the inability to keep an adequate free chlorine residual in pool water, even though the water is balanced and properly maintained. Pool owners often spend more money on chlorine products than necessary. The better option is to properly manage your chlorine demand. Here are some products to help.

  • BioGuard Optimizer enhances the efficiency of BioGuard brominating, chlorinating, or biguanide programs. It acts as a buffer, contributing to water balance while creating a soft and soothing swimming experience. This product not only inhibits algae growth but is also proven to enhance water clarity. Additionally, it imparts a gentle touch to the skin and eyes by softening the water. Optimizer remains pH neutral in pool water and doesn’t degrade in sunlight.
  • BioGuard’s Pool Complete 911 is designed to quickly clear up severe instances of hazy, cloudy, and swampy water, typically caused by an excess of contaminants and non-living waste. Utilizing advanced enzymes and clarifiers, this product restores the water to a pristine, crystal-clear state. The transformation in the pool’s appearance becomes evident within a matter of hours.
  • Pool Complete Weekly employs an exclusive combination of specialized enzymes, clarifiers, and a phosphate remover to enhance your pool care routine, ensuring your water remains in optimal condition. This product works actively in the background, eliminating unseen contaminants and enhancing filtration. By doing so, it allows your 3-Step products to concentrate on their core functions and excel at what they do best.


Or, you can bring your water sample to Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, and we’ll use Accu-Demand 30 to determine chlorine demand. With this information, we can provide detailed insights to take the guesswork out of your water chemistry.

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