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Crafted with precision, Marquis® hot tubs boast advanced technology, ensuring a soothing and enjoyable experience. From therapeutic jets to user-friendly controls, each hot tub offers a unique blend of comfort and convenience. When you own a Marquis spa, expect quality craftsmanship and modern design to create the perfect haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Discover ultimate relaxation and beauty at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool with Marquis® hot tubs. These fantastic spas bring a peaceful retreat to your backyard through the world of hydrotherapy. Marquis, with its focus on quality and innovation, has been reshaping relaxation for years. Soak in warm, soothing waters to ease stress, relax tired muscles, and rejuvenate your spirit. Whether you want to unwind after a long day or enhance your outdoor space, Marquis offers unmatched comfort and style. Check out our selection and upgrade your lifestyle with a Marquis hot tub today.

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Marquis® Hot Tubs

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Marquis® Hot Tubs Collections

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Crown Collection Collection

Discover the revolutionary Crown Collection by Marquis®, a merging of advanced therapy features and luxury amenities. Derived from the award-winning Signature Series and incorporating top therapy features from the innovative Vector21 Series, the Crown Collection introduces an entirely new system architecture. Pioneering features include the patented Dynamic Flow Control valve and Regal Hydrokinetic™ (RHK™) therapy jets.

Vector21 Collection

Marquis® Vector21 hot tubs revolutionize the galaxy of hot tubs with a unique flow and force. Unmatched in any other advanced system concept, these hot tubs offer individual command and control with exceptional versatility. Designed for a full spectrum of hot tub experiences, Vector21 becomes a vessel to transport body, mind, and soul at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Experience the extraordinary with Vector21.

Marquis® Elite Hot Tubs Collection

Marquis® Elite Series hot tubs are the result of a superior system architecture. This results in quieter, more efficient operation and an enhanced hydrotherapy experience. Compared to similarly equipped hot tubs from leading brands, Marquis Elite offers an unmatched blend of performance and value. Experience all the anticipated features and benefits of a top-quality brand, coupled with exclusive systems unique to Marquis—at an unexpectedly great value.

Celebrity Hot Tub® Series Collection

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