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Hot Tub Water Care

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Our Experience Makes Hot Tub Water Care
Easier and More Enjoyable

Maintaining clean and inviting water in your hot tub is key for enjoying its therapeutic benefits. The experts at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool offer the knowledge and the products you need to keep your spa’s water sparkling clean. Whether you’re a seasoned hot tub owner or just starting your journey to relaxation, our team is here to help.

Hot tub water care involves several key elements: sanitization, pH balance, and water clarity. Our selection of SpaGuard® chemicals, test kits, and water treatment solutions will help you strike the perfect balance, ensuring your water remains safe, clear, and inviting. We’ll guide you through the process, helping you maintain water that’s gentle on your skin and prolongs the life of your spa equipment.

Accurate Water Testing with Our SpaGuard® Smart Lab

ALEX® is your hot tub’s BFF.

ALEX® water testing is our cutting-edge computerized spa water analysis system. Designed to simplify your spa care routine, ALEX provides instant and accurate results. Simply bring a water sample to our showroom and you’ll receive personalized step-by-step instructions for startup, closing, and maintenance.

What sets SpaGuard® ALEX water testing apart? Accuracy! Unlike a quick dip of a test strip or a self-driven computer or mobile app analysis, our comprehensive test considers various parameters beyond the basics. This approach helps us understand how these factors interact, avoiding trial and error. Getting it right the first time saves you time and money.

Our certified water care experts will guide you through the results, ensuring you understand every detail. ALEX recommendations are tailored to your spa care routine and built on a wealth of accumulated knowledge from previous water tests.

Why ALEX? ALEX stands for Analysis Expert, reflecting our commitment to expertise in water testing and care. Experience the confidence that comes with precise diagnosis and effective treatment for your spa water.

Professional Quality Hot Tub Chemicals from SpaGuard®

Chemicals, advice, and service with a friendly touch.

Experience pure relaxation with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, where your spa water is pristine and ready for your enjoyment. Our collection includes user-friendly water care systems and tailored products to meet all your needs.

Choosing the right water care system depends on factors like sanitizer preferences, usage frequency, spa size, location, and ease of application. SpaGuard® offers three systems:

  • Bromine System: Ideal for indoor applications, providing a non-chlorine option.
  • Chlorine System: A traditional water care solution suitable for most applications.
  • Soft Soak® TRIO® System: A straightforward, pre-measured program for optimal softness and clarity.


Hot tubs, like pools, require chemical treatments for proper water quality. Due to their smaller size, hot tub water quality can change rapidly. Utilizing SpaGuard hot tub chemicals, formulated specifically for hot tubs, and regularly testing your water ensures perfect hot tub water quality throughout the year. Enjoy your hot tub worry-free with our recommended water care solutions.

Professional Quality Hot Tub Chemicals from Sirona™️

Elevating spa care products and hot tub chemicals

Just like the Celtic goddess it’s named after, Sirona™ really cares about the good things water can do for your health. Your spa is not just for making your muscles feel better. The warm, swirling water doesn’t just help your body relax; it also helps your mind feel better. Sirona™ lets you fully enjoy and relax in this healing spa experience.

Sirona™ thinks that taking care of your whole self is important, and it’s something that will be even more popular in the future. We are committed to being a leader in this. Just like you want the best and newest things for yourself, you want the same for your spa. Sirona™ only recommends the safest and most effective products for your spa water, like sanitizers, balancers, and special solutions that don’t have bromine or chlorine. You can trust Sirona™ to keep your spa water safe so it can take the best care of you.

FreshWater® IQ Salt System

Discover the saltwater advantage.

An available option on all Highlife® Collection and Limelight® Collection spas, the FreshWater® IQ Salt System from Hot Spring® simplifies spa water maintenance. This system combines the FreshWater® IQ Salt System with the innovative Smart Monitoring System. The FreshWater® IQ Salt System effectively purifies the water, eliminating harsh smells or chemicals, ensuring a gentle cleaning process. Simultaneously, the Smart Monitoring System performs hourly water tests, offering on-screen guidance to maintain water clarity and cleanliness. Together, these advanced technologies create a highly efficient and comprehensive water care solution.

PURE™ and CLEAN™ for Unmatched Hot Tub Hygiene!

Discover the Nordic Hot Tubs™ secret weapons.

Nordic PURE™ is an innovative blend of ozone (O3) and UV-C technologies, offering superior sanitizing power and reducing chlorine needs. This option is exclusively unavailable on the Nordic Bella™ or All-In-110V models. Additionally, Nordic CLEAN™, an electronic plasma gap Ozonator, transforms oxygen into ozone, boasting enhanced energy efficiency compared to UV ozone generators. This cost-effective system is available across all Nordic Hot Tubs™ models. Upgrade your hot tub experience with cutting-edge sanitation technology.

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