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Discover the versatility and warmth of gas stoves, offering a spectrum of BTUs (British Thermal Units) that cater to various heating needs. In simple terms, BTUs represent the amount of heat a unit can produce. Gas stoves come in small units equivalent to room heaters, perfect for compact spaces, to higher BTUs comparable to a fireplace, providing ample warmth. Ideal for areas with space constraints, gas stoves eliminate the need for elaborate finishing materials typically required around a fireplace. They offer a practical solution for those seeking efficient heating without the potential added expenses.
Gas stoves showcase diverse styles, often featuring either a classic cast iron design or a more contemporary European look. The choice between electronic ignition and millivolt systems adds a layer of customization for users. For added convenience, gas stoves can be connected to a wall thermostat or a remote with thermostat capabilities. While many models don’t require hearth protection, some customers appreciate the traditional aesthetic of a hearth pad. Explore our gas stove options to bring efficient and stylish heating to your space, tailored to your preferences and needs.

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Bristol DX
Vermont Castings
Wood fireplace stove
Lakefield XL
Oakport 18
Vermont Castings
Fancy fire place stove
Vermont Castings
Fire Place Stove
Stowe 8325
Waitsfield DX

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