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Fireplace Accessories

Discover our expansive collection of hearth accessories

Everything to Complete Your Fireplace

Protect your investment and optimize both the efficiency and decorative appeal of your fireplace with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool’s wide array of hearth accessories. Whether you have a fireplace, stove, or insert, our quality items are designed to enhance your experience. From tools to accessories, we’ve got everything you need to make lighting easier, improve aesthetics, and ensure safety.

Whether you’re in search of a quality fireplace tool set, carrier, or storage for woods logs, we’ve got you covered. Pilgrim Home and Hearth, winner of the American Choice Awards for Best Brand in fireplace accessories, offers a diverse range of hand-forged tool sets, hearth grates, and log holders. If you don’t find the perfect match for your décor, we’re happy to special order it for you.

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we provide a wide range of supporting products for homeowners. Here’s just a glimpse of the additional accessories we offer, with many more options available to cater to your needs.

Log Grates
Fire Starters
Log Holders
Hearth Rugs
Glowing Embers
Moisture Meters
Glass Cleaner
Stove Thermometer
Window / Door Gasket
Ash Buckets
Creosote Destroyer
Chimney Fire Extinguisher
Heating Pellets
Custom Flashing
High Temp Silicone
Custom Shroud
Rain Caps
Chimney Brushes and Rods
Stove Paint
Fire Starters
Tool Sets
Log Lighter
Ash Vacs
And So Much More! 

Fireplace Doors & More

A little bit about Stoll Industries

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we’re proud to offer high-quality products from manufacturers committed to their craftsmanship. Stoll Industries, a U.S. company based in South Carolina with four generations of experience, exemplifies this commitment. Their dedication to quality and customer care is reflected not just in their products but also in their culture. A portion of every sale goes towards supporting the underprivileged and disadvantaged.

Stoll’s diverse product range, showcased in our showroom, began as a source for customizable fireplace doors. They allowed customers to choose handles and hinges, fostering a personalized touch. While they continue to provide excellent doors, their product line now extends to complete wall panel systems. These systems feature non-combustible decorative cladding, perfect for enhancing fireplace surrounds or entire walls as room accents. Installation is versatile, allowing placement over existing walls like brick. With numerous layouts, finishes, and accents to choose from, Stoll ensures a wide array of options for our customers.

Non-Combustible Shelves & Mantels

The perfect fusion of aesthetics and protection

Explore the world of non-combustible shelves and mantels at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool. Stoll, a brand that understands quality, presents an array of non-combustible options, skillfully crafted to mimic the natural warmth of wood. These shelves and mantels go beyond aesthetics; they act as protective barriers, shielding your television from the heat emitted by your fireplace.

Imagine having a fireplace and a secure spot for your TV, harmoniously coexisting in your living space. Stoll’s non-combustible shelves and mantels make this vision a reality, blending safety with style.

In addition to Stoll, we proudly feature other reputable brands such as Magra Hearth and Hearth and Home Technologies. These brands share our commitment to offering non-combustible mantels that not only elevate the visual appeal of your fireplace but also prioritize safety.

With various designs, finishes, and styles to choose from, our non-combustible shelves and mantels cater to diverse tastes. Enhance the charm of your hearth, create a protective barrier for your entertainment, and enjoy the best of both worlds with our thoughtfully curated selection. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, safety and style come together seamlessly in our non-combustible shelves and mantels.


A pull-down TV wall mount

Discover the transformative MantelMount, a pull-down TV wall mount designed to enhance your television viewing experience with comfort, flexibility, and protection for your valuable investment. MantelMount stands out with its patented construction, integrating high-quality automotive pistons, lightweight alloys, and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology. This unique blend facilitates easy lowering of your large flat-screen TV from its high-level storage, placing it at eye level in front of the fireplace, and offering convenient swivel capabilities from left to right.

Hearth Accessories Mantel Mount

Hearth Pads

Safety meets elegance

Hearth pads are essential sections of fireproof material that serve as protective layers underneath wood, pellet, and gas stoves. These pads play a crucial role in safeguarding floors from sparks and embers. Energy Center-Manhattan Pool offers a broad selection of stove boards with finishing options such as tile, brick, and mica. Additionally, our collection of accessories includes hearth rugs designed to provide effective ember protection, ensuring both safety and aesthetic appeal in your home.

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