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The Crown Collection

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Discover the revolutionary Crown Collection by Marquis®, a merging of advanced therapy features and luxury amenities. Derived from the award-winning Signature Series and incorporating top therapy features from the innovative Vector21 Series, the Crown Collection introduces an entirely new system architecture. Pioneering features include the patented Dynamic Flow Control valve and Regal Hydrokinetic™ (RHK™) therapy jets.
Step into luxury with Marquis® Crown Collection hot tubs, designed for an exclusive and personalized hydrotherapy experience. Unique features set the Crown Collection apart, including advanced therapy seating and the exclusive Adirondack-style seat for ultimate relaxation. Targeted jets massage muscles, and customizable configurations give you control. The MicroSilk® technology envelops you in oxygen-rich microbubbles, promoting skin rejuvenation. With elegant design and LED lighting, the Crown Collection creates a royal ambiance. Indulge in hot tub luxury, elevate your leisure time, and discover distinct models that pamper you like royalty. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury.

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The Epic
The Euphoria
The Resort
The Destiny
The Spirit
The Wish
The Summit

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