The Newcomer’s Guide to Selecting the Perfect Backyard Grill

The Newcomer’s Guide to Selecting the Perfect Backyard Grill

Food straight off the grill is tender, juicy, and absolutely delicious! As grill season ramps up, you might be interested in getting a new backyard grill. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we carry three of the finest and most loved grill brands on the market. If you’re new to grilling, picking the right grill can be a bit intimidating. So, check out this newcomer’s guide to selecting the perfect backyard grill with key considerations before making a purchase. 

Which Fuel Type Do You Prefer?

The fuel type a grill uses is one of the most distinguishing features of a grill. Grills use a variety of different fuel types from gas to charcoal to pellets. Choosing the best fuel type for you can depend on what you’re familiar with, if you’d like to try something new, and also your personal preference. 

Gas grills, like Napoleon grills, are easier to control the temperature, cook evenly across the cooking surface, and are especially great for high-temperature cooking. 

Pellet grills, like Smokin’ Brothers grills, use small, compressed pellets in a uniquely designed burn pot to create heat and cook. The pellets burn clean, are simple to use, and allow you to slow cook food. 

Finally, charcoal grills are the most traditional fuel type for a grill. While charcoal needs to be carefully tended at the beginning, it delivers that amazing smokey flavor you think of with grilling. The Big Green Egg uses lump charcoal to grill and smoke foods. 

How Patient Are You With Cook Time?

Patience is a needed ingredient when grilling. However, cook times can vary depending on your grill’s design. For the quickest way to start grilling, a gas grill is the answer. Gas grills are ready to use and they don’t require you to clean out ash first. They can also reach your desired temperature quickly and get dinner on the table in no time.

Pellet grills and charcoal grills take more time to get started. Additionally, smokers like Smokin’ Brothers and Big Green Egg utilize a slow cooking process to maintain juiciness, trap in flavors, and create that fall-off-the-bone goodness. Cooking time is slower but offers a great reward for your patience. 

What Is Your Backyard Grill Price Range?

Grills come in a wide spectrum of prices. You can find grills for under $50 and go up to several thousand dollars. When it comes to grills, you get what you pay for in quality and longevity. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pools, we only sell high grills that will give you the grilling enjoyment you desire for years and years. Give us a call or stop by our store to learn more about our grills’ prices. 

How Involved Do You Want To Be?

Grilling can be as much work or as little work as you prefer. For example, with a gas grill, the cooking time is typically faster and therefore requires you to stay nearby to monitor progress. On the other hand, pellet grills can be left to cook for hours thanks to slowing cooking methods and a pellet auger that automatically refills as needed. Somewhere in between is the charcoal grill that can vary in involvement based on what you’re cooking and the temperature required. 

At the end of the day, choosing the right grill for you comes down to personal preference. Choose the grill that meets your needs and desires. If you’d like to learn more about grills types and which might be best for you, call our team at 785-390-9166. Stop by our store in Manhattan to see our grills in person and learn more. Contact us to kick grill season off with the perfect backyard grill! 

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