Swimming Pool Accessories

Swimming Pool Accessories

Energy Center-Manhattan Pool carries a complete inventory of swimming pool accessories, repair parts, and toys. We carry the top brands of pool equipment, such as variable speed pumps; sand, DE, or cartridge filters; gas heaters; or electric heat pumps. We install both new equipment and make repairs to get you through the season. With our fully stocked warehouse, there is immediate availability for gaskets, o-rings, baskets, and other necessary items you may need for your pool.  Our water-test-station makes pool chemistry easy, optimizing the longevity of your equipment and liners, and maximizing swimmer comfort.

We offer leak detection through pressure testing, dye testing, electronic leak analyzer, and a cutting-edge water loss sensor.  Whether you are needing it for a home sale inspection or your own personal peace of mind, these are great options. Aside from opening and closing pools we also offer weekly or vacation maintenance services — you’ll never have to worry about the condition of your pool while you are away or on a staycation.  In short, we have everything you need for the swimming season.

Pool Equipment

Looking for filters, pumps, heaters or automated systems? Energy Center-Manhattan Pool has what you need. Get your pool running efficiently with the best value on quality equipment you need. We also carry a large inventory of replacement parts; we understand the importance of getting the pool fully operational in a hurry.

Pool Covers

Auto pool covers save you both time and money on upkeep and maintenance by shielding your pool from collections of dirt, leaves, and debris. By covering your pool every night and on vacations, you can save hundreds in utility costs by trapping in the heat and preventing excessive water evaporation as well as extending your swim season.
Safety covers provide peace-of-mind when you have little ones or pets running around with options for solid or mesh covers available.

Winter covers are an option for price-conscious or above ground pools. Similar to auto covers, these minimize the elements your pool is exposed to.

Solar covers aid in warming the water and are a wonderful option for spring, fall or a shaded backyard. Alternatively, and more preferable to some are solar sun rings. Similar to solar covers in warming the water and preventing water evaporation they are easier to remove from the pool and are relatively less expensive in the long run. Contacts us today to see all of our pool cover options.

Pool Lights

Lights are available for both above-ground and in-ground pools. Lights can be as simple as a floater in your pool or installed into a return. For greater amounts of light, there are in-wall systems. Customers who are accustomed to the large incandescent or halogen lights can now upgrade those same light niches to an LED system with white or color. The color options allow users to settle in on one color or a rainbow effect for their disco parties.


There are primarily four types of vacuum systems: manual, pressure, suction, or robotic. Stop in to see our knowledgeable staff to help you decide which system is right for you.

Pool Chemicals

Whether salt, biguanide or traditional chlorine we carry the industry’s leading chemicals from BioGaurd. Our selection allows customers to find a product that provides optimum clarity, product concentration, and efficiency. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool we offer the True Blue guarantee meaning if your pool develops algae while using our proven systems we will clear it up for free. With this service, we pledge that you will never miss a moment in your pool, allowing you to rest easy.