Pool Cover in a Bottle: Bioguard’s Answer to Physical Pool Covers

Pool Cover in a Bottle: Bioguard’s Answer to Physical Pool Covers

It’s happened to us all as pool owners. We walk out to our pool on a sunny afternoon ready to beat the heat. However, we find that not only has the water level gone down but the temperature of the pool is colder than ever.

While physical solar pool blankets can help protect your pool from these problems, they are bulky, hard to store, and frustrating for owners with a free-form pool.

If you want all the benefits of a physical cover without the hassle that comes with them, look no further than Bioguard Smart Shield.

Bioguard Smart Shield is the ultimate in pool water conservation. It creates a microscopic layer on the surface of your pool that will prevent evaporation while maintaining water temperature in all seasons. It is 100% safe and does not affect your pool equipment or its chemicals. Smart Shield is designed to replace bulky solar blankets, create an invisible protective layer, and give long-lasting results from small monthly doses.

Did you know that 70% of heat loss is due to water evaporation? Smart Shield can not only conserve 30-50% of water evaporation but will also trap the heat molecules to create a 5-degree increase in the temperature of your pool. Something as small as a 2-to-3-degree temperature increase can be the difference between a comfortable swim and a cold dip in the pool.

So how exactly does a liquid solar blanket work? Let’s explore how Smart Shield works, its benefits, and how it compares to a physical alternative.

How does it work?

Liquid solar blankets are an evaporation suppressant formulated with microscopic compounds that are lighter than water. These compounds will rise to the water’s surface and collect side-by-side to create a barrier covering every inch of your pool.

Bioguard’s Smart Shield stands out from other products because it moves with your swimmers. The protective compounds will disburse as people swim but as the movement stops and the water becomes still, the compounds will group together once more to reform the barrier. This means as a pool owner you will only need to add Smart Shield to your pool once a month, unlike competitors who require you to add doses daily.

Smart Shield is also safe. It biodegrades into simple compounds that are safe for all pool types as well as your equipment. They will not harm your valves, pumps, or filters, giving you peace of mind when integrating Smart Shield into your maintenance routine.



Benefits of Bioguard’s Smart Shield

It’s easy to store
Bioguard Smart Shield comes in a convenient bottle that can easily be stored inside a shed or in your yard. You won’t have to struggle to find extra storage space as you would for a bulky physical cover.

– The liquid solar cover is safe for use around your family compared to a physical pool cover. A physical pool cover means family members including children could get trapped underneath the cover, increasing the risk of drowning. Liquid solar blankets remove that risk entirely with their fluid microscopic blanket. It is also non-toxic and completely safe to swim in.

– Smart Shield can be stored over a season and used again the next year without worrying about the chemicals degrading or breaking down over time.

Energy Efficient, Money Saving
Using a liquid solar blanket will reduce your heating costs by up to 35%, requiring you to use less energy to heat the pool. The liquid blanket works to retain heat, keeping the temperature from going down and minimizing how often you use your heater. This means not only are you using less energy, but you’re also keeping more money in your pockets.

– Smart Shield is an affordable alternative to physical pool covers. You can get the same results as a physical pool cover at 1/4th the cost.

Compatible with All Pools
– Liquid solar covers are safe to use with any sanitizing system and will not affect your chemicals. It also does not cause any damage to your filters or pool equipment. Smart Shield is safe for all pool types including chlorine, bromine, salt, and mineral springs.

How To Use

Always follow the label instructions. Dosages are provided on the bottles but here are some estimates to give you an idea of how long a bottle of Smart Shield will last you.

You will want to shake the bottle of your Smart Shield before every dose. This is to ensure the ingredients that might have settled are properly mixed and ready for use. 8 fl. oz. of Smart Shield is to be used per 15,000 gallons of pool water or 16 fl oz. per 1,000 square feet of pool surface. For best dispersion, add Smart Shield in front of the pool return lines to spread the compounds quickly and efficiently across the surface of the water.

Remember that these dosages are not meant as a replacement for the label instructions.

Downsides of Liquid Solar Blankets

– Because liquid solar blankets work by creating a microscopic layer, any movement in the water will break up the barrier. In areas where high winds are a constant occurrence, it will lessen the amount of time that it is fully covering the water which will allow the heat to escape from the pool. This means there will be less time for the pool to be protected and more heat will escape than if you lived in an area with low winds.

– The Smart Shield gives the convenience of not having to work with a bulky pool cover, it does not have the same debris protection that a physical pool cover can give you. However, keeping up weekly maintenance with your pool cleaning and treatment should not impact your normal routine.

Key benefits of Smart Shield

– preserves and maintains pool water temperature
– conserves water loss due to evaporation
– a family-friendly alternative to physical pool covers
– long-lasting results from small doses
– a single application lasts up to 30 days while other products require daily doses
– conserves not only your water and heat but also your cash, reducing heating costs and energy bills
– It is compatible with all pool types: chlorine, bromine, salt, and mineral springs.
– easy to store
– will not degrade as quickly
– an affordable alternative

Frequently Asked Questions

Can smart shield be used in any pool type?
It works in all pool types and is compatible with all chemical systems
Do you need to add more when someone swims?
-no you do not need to add more after someone swims, the molecules will reconnect themselves once movement in the water has ceased.
Will it harm the pool’s equipment?
liquid pool cover biodegrades into simple compounds so it will not harm your valves, pumps, or filters
 Will cleaning the pool of debris and leaves cause it to mess with the liquid blanket?
it will not reduce the efficiency of the liquid blanket, the layer will regroup once water is still
 What exactly is a liquid cover?
product is lighter than water, and molecules float to the top of the surface and create a thin invisible solar blanket on the surface. A liquid solar blanket that protects your swimming pool from water loss due to evaporation and increases the temperature of your water.
Is it safe for pets or kids?
-yes, it is safe, the liquid cover will not cause harm to your children or pets, but it should never be ingested from the container. It has the same level of safety precautions that you should maintain with any other pool chemical.

Bioguard Smart Shield is a smart buy for any consumer who wants an efficient, safe, and cost-effective alternative to physical pool covers. Don’t wait, come into Energy Center Manhattan Pool today and pick up your Smart Shield to keep you and your pool happy all summer long.

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