How Big Does My Backyard Need To Be To Get An Inground Swimming Pool?

How Big Does My Backyard Need To Be To Get An Inground Swimming Pool?

Swimming is exciting and enjoyable for all ages! This is why so many people want to bring the fun a little closer to home by adding an inground pool to their backyard. But before deciding on this fun addition, first consider the size requirement for a backyard pool. You need to know how big does my backyard need to be to get an inground swimming pool? As a typical rule of thumb, a backyard pool should not exceed 25%-33% of your total backyard square footage. 

Meet with Manhattan’s Inground Pool Experts

Energy Center-Manhattan Pool has been the top pool builder in the Manhattan area since 1970. With our experience, skill, certified know-how, we can help you determine if an inground pool is right for your backyard. We will have both an in-store consultation and an onsite visit to your home. As certified pool builders, we will listen to your needs and preferences and tailor a pool for your backyard. 

Customize Your Inground Swimming Pool for Your Backyard

Since inground pools can be different sizes and shapes, you can customize your swimming pool to what works best for both function and size. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, you can decide on a gunite pool or a vinyl liner pool. A gunite pool, formed with sprayed concrete, is fully customized to your shape and size desires and needs. Our Radiant® vinyl liner pools also come in a large variety of shapes and sizes.  Here are a few things to consider in the process.

Number of People 

How many people do you anticipate using your pool on average? If you have a large family or want to host big pool parties, then a small pool may feel cramped. 

Primary Pool Use

Consider how you will typically use the pool. This can determine how much pool space you need. For example, if you want to swim laps for exercise, you want a pool that can accommodate that.

Pool Shape

When space is a factor in your backyard, an irregularly shaped pool can sometimes be a better fit. In addition to custom gunite pools, our vinyl liner pools come in many varying shapes and sizes. 

Inground Pool Feature

What features do you want around or in the pool? Do you want a slide, waterfall, or laminar jets? Our team can help you pick any features and determine if you have the space to add them.

Position in Your Yard

Where does sunlight hit in your yard at different times of day? Are there trees in your backyard that would be close to the pool? Also consider what you want around your pool like landscaping and seating and if your space would allow for that.

Can Inground Pool Machinery Fit in Your Backyard?

Building or installing an inground pool requires some large machinery. If space is tight, we have some tips and tricks to work around it to some degree. Check out this tight fit that we made work.

Meet Local Government Requirements

Most local governments have backyard pool size and property requirements. The most common ordinances pertain to the distance from the pool to your property line, proximity to power lines or septic tanks, and distance to your home. You should also check any HOA requirements.


An inground pool will bring years of summer fun to your family! Let our team at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool help you design the perfect inground pool to fit your space. Stop by our Manhattan store any time to talk with a pool expert. Contact us today! 


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