Why Pool School is Essential For All Pool Owners: Newbies and Old-timers!

Why Pool School is Essential For All Pool Owners: Newbies and Old-timers!

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, it’s our mission to help our customers feel educated and confident in their pool ownership. We invite you to join us on May 5, 2022 for our annual Pool School event! No matter if you’re a pool newbie or an old timer, you will enjoy your time at ECMP’s Pool School and glean useful information. Here are some of the reasons why pool school is essential for all pool owners.

Gain Priceless Knowledge On Pool Ownership

One of the main reasons we hold pool school is to help educate and inform our customers. We want to help make pool ownership as simple and uncomplicated as possible for you. At Pool School, you will learn things such as how to open your pool, how to use pool chemicals, how to maintain your pool, and so much more! If you are new to pool ownership, Pool School may feel like drinking from a fire hydrant but everything you soak in will be a huge help later on and definitely work your time. Additionally, you will learn useful tips and tricks for ongoing pool care and maintenance that even season pool owners would find useful. 

Hear From Our Amazing Pool School Presenter 

Joining us at Pool School is the amazing Alicia Stephens from Biolab®. Alicia is a passionate and gifted teacher and leader in the pool industry. She will be educating us on best pool care practices and science behind them as well as giving us insight on cutting edge pool technology. You will be entertained and enjoy every moment of Alicia’s presentation! Even if you’re a pool pro, hearing from a new voice can offer a new perspective and awareness. Get ready to laugh and take notes at Pool School!

Get Ideas for Dealing with the Pool Industry’s Supply Shortages 

The pool industry has not been immune to the world wide supply chain issues. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we are working hard to get our customers the pool supplies they need but we are at the mercy of suppliers. At Pool School, learn ways to make your chlorine stretch further, alternative sanitizer options, and other safe ways to deal with pool supply shortages.  

Receive Big Savings With Store Vouchers

As our thank you for attending Pool School at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, all participants will receive vouchers for purchases made in the month of May. Get big savings just in time for pool season! The savings alone is reason to attend for new pool owners and seasoned owners alike.

You do not want to miss out on all we have in store for this event at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool! Pool School takes place on May 5, 2022. Attend at 2 pm for commercial pools or 6pm for residential pools. To RSVP for Pool School, give us a call at (785)776-5118. Contact us with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you there for a great night of fun and education!

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