Why Saint Valentine Would Love a Spa

Why Saint Valentine Would Love a Spa

What does Saint Valentine have to do with a spa, you ask? As February 14th approaches, love birds all around the world begin planning and prepping for a day to present lavish gifts to each other. Valentine’s Day is all about pulling out the most romantic gestures, the biggest stuffed teddies, and creating a day your sweetheart will never forget. The history of the holiday is a little sordid, to be honest. The story of Saint Valentine and his connection to February 14th is no grand love story. But the holiday we use to celebrate all things love is filled with red and pink colored everything and is the hallmark of all things mushy.

In your endeavors to ‘wow’ your significant other, let us suggest a grandiose gift not found in big box stores amongst heart-shaped candy and scented candles. We’re talking about a big, giant, bubbling tub of romance and warm fuzzies. That’s right, this year Valentine’s Day calls for a new hot tub. Here are a few reasons why Saint Valentine would love a spa, and so will your sweetie.

Saint Valentine Loves to Create Relaxing Romance

Known for their ability to relax tense bodies, hot tubs are a gift that will outlive most Valentine’s Day nostalgia. The gift of a spa says “I love you, and want you to feel relaxed anytime you need.” Talk about a romantic gesture. Every soak in the tub will be a reminder of your love. Hydrotherapy jets are just one of the many features on our Hot Spring® Spa line. A late-night soak will lead to a great night’s sleep. And we all know, nothing says “I love you” like some good sleep.

A Spa Creates Endless Date Nights

Some couples set aside one day a month or one day a week as the designated date night. Imagine the endless nights of romance with a hot tub that sits at the ready in your backyard. The spa will provide the location while your creativity can keep date nights fresh and new every single time. A night with a few cocktails and soft music will set the tone for a relaxing night in. Fun foods on the grill and a couple of games will bring some fun and energy into your date nights. Even a movie night with a projector is a fantastically romantic idea. The best part? You’ll even be able to detox from electronic devices to focus on each other.  

A Valentine’s Spa with Professional Care

Now that you’re starting to see why a hot tub would be the ultimate gesture of love this Valentine’s Day, rest assured that our team at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool will take care of you from start to finish. Contact us today, or shop online to check out some of the lovely hot tub options we have available. Don’t forget to ask us about our professional maintenance services, and how we can take that extra work off your plate. We think it’s safe to say that Saint Valentine would love a spa and we know you’ll love yours too!

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