The Ultimate Guide To Hot Tub Enjoyment

The Ultimate Guide To Hot Tub Enjoyment

Energy Center-Manhattan Pool has been serving the Manhattan, Kansas area since 1970 as a locally owned and family operated company. We not only build pools, we are also a hot tub dealer and a hearth construction and servicing business. Based on our experience and expertise, we have created the ultimate guide to hot tub enjoyment in order to answer some FAQ’s.

Nearly 20 years ago, Brian and Kimberly Weber purchased Energy Center-Manhattan Pool to bring quality products at a great value to the tri-county area. With two decades of experience in helping families create stunning outdoor spaces, they have overseen a multitude of swimming pool builds, hot tub installations, and fireplace remodels. 

This guide to enjoying your hot tub will give you ideas on how to celebrate holidays, how to gain the most health benefits, fun accessories to try, and even how to spruce up your hot tub. 

Table of Contents of the Ultimate Guide To Hot Tub Enjoyment:

Enjoy the Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

Share the Enjoyment of a Hot Tub With Others

Enjoy the Beauty of a Hot Tub

Enjoy the Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

A Healthy Boost

Did you know that hot tubs can help give your immune system a boost? Not only does it support a healthy immune system, but soaking in a hot tub can help alleviate cold, flue, and allergy symptoms. Steam from your spa opens up chest and nasal congestion while heat from the swirling waters lessen body aches and help your fever become more effective in fighting off the virus.

Hot Tub Fitness

If you’re considering upping your fitness regimen this year, a hot tub can certainly assist you in accomplishing that. You’ll be able to stay socially distant and protected in your own backyard, while also crushing your goals. Hot tub yoga is one of many forms of exercise you can do in the relaxation of your backyard. Muscle recovery will be a breeze, and your flexibility will improve drastically. Talk about easy on the joints! 

Stress Relief

Don’t worry if you’re already a member of a fitness club. Hot tubs offer benefits to your mind as well. The level of stress relief that a spa can bring to your household is a focal point. Stress interferes with all of our daily lives, whether your student is struggling in school, or work causing you tension headaches. Give your family the ability to unwind together, decompress from the pressures of life, and allow their bodies the ability to build up immunity as they fight off stress.

Better Sleep

We all have restless nights, and according to the Sleep Foundation, one in 132 million people struggle with a sleep disorder like insomnia. However, if counting sheep has lost its charm, a hot tub is just the thing you need for a great night’s rest! The secret is in the fluctuation of your body’s temperature. Soaking in a hot tub raises your body’s temperature, and as it begins to cool down and regulate, a wave of calm and peacefulness lulls you into a restful sleep.

Share the Enjoyment of a Hot Tub With Others

Hosting Guests

If you like to host and entertain guests, a hot tub will open up a world of fun possibilities and new ideas. Holiday specific gatherings, or themed events, place the hot tub as the central focus. Whether it’s a bubbly cauldron for Halloween, or a winter wonderland for Christmas, or a place to warm up after a Polar Bear Plunge, your guests will never forget the hot tub parties! The entertainment is already provided. All you need is a little creativity and a couple of towels!

Give the Gift of a Hot Tub

Who better to host and entertain than your significant other? Hot tubs make exceptional anniversary gifts. A new hot tub in the backyard allows for endless (and free) date nights. Set up an outdoor movie, break out the wine, light a few candles, and you have yourselves a romantic oasis. On top of that, a late-night soak in the hot tub leads to amazing sleep, and who says the gift of sleep isn’t romantic?

Plan a Staycation

We’ve all gotten fairly acquainted with staycations recently. What better way to enjoy some rest and relaxation than in your own backyard: with a hot tub! Plan an exquisite staycation everyone will enjoy, creating new family traditions and memories that last a lifetime from the comfort of your own home!

Enjoy the Beauty of a Hot Tub

Fun Hot Tub Accessories

There is no shortage of fun things you can add to your spa to personalize it. Whether it’s fun lights, aromatherapy drops, drink chillers, or towel warmers, you can make your preferences and interests a reality. Bluetooth® speakers are one of the best things to accessorize with! Party music for hosting, relaxing music for family nights, or slow jams for those romantic evenings – every experience can be heightened with the right melodies. You can even turn your hot tub into the “cool zone”, using the CoolZone® system, to help you get the most use out of your spa year-round. Cool off on those hot summer nights, and warm up on the winter ones.

Beautifying Your Spa

A backyard oasis may begin with a spa, but you can add so much flare to the surrounding areas with a few smart choices. Seating areas, a fire pit, and grilling space will continue to draw people to your backyard because of the entertainment. But don’t overlook what the right foliage can do to space! Beautify the hot tub with some well-placed plants for a lovely addition to your entertainment space.

Protecting Your Spa

Anything that costs hard-earned money is worth protecting. A hot tub is no different. It requires care and maintenance. One of the best things you can purchase for spa care is a durable cover. The cover will keep the elements and unwelcome visitors out. It provides safety for small children and cuts down on the amount of maintenance you’ll have to perform. An automatic lifter for your cover also allows cover removal to be swift and effortless. Hiring a company like Energy Center-Manhattan Pool to perform your monthly spa maintenance is another effortless option for enjoying your hot tub. 

Come Find Your Gathering Place

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, you’re like family to us. Because we know how backyard spaces can create memories and joyful moments for families, it’s our priority and passion that you can “Come Find Your Gathering Place” when you step inside our doors. Whether you’re on the market for a new hot tub, or reading up on hot tubs with our ultimate guide, we are ready to help answer any additional questions you may have. For more information, come by and see us or visit our website! We hope your backyard is filled with so many wonderful moments this year.

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