Why Not Pellet? How Pellet Grills Work and Why You Should Have One

Why Not Pellet? How Pellet Grills Work and Why You Should Have One

Chicken wings, venison burgers, apple pie, beef jerky, pizza, grilled shrimp, and MORE! Are you drooling yet?! Pellet grills are able to create all of these delicious show-stoppers with ease. Pellet grills are an excellent option for grill masters of all experience levels. And contrary to what you may think, pellet grills are capable of far more than just smoking meat.

Are you considering the purchase of a new grill? Why not pellet? At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we know it only takes one time using your Smokin’ Brothers® Grill to fall in love with pellet grills! Keep reading to learn more about how pellet grills work and why you should have one. 

How Does a Pellet Grill Work?

If you’ve never used one, you might wonder how a pellet grill works, anyway? Pellet grills burn compressed wood pellets. These pellets can be made from different types of wood to vary the flavor. Gravity pulls the pellets into the rotating auger until the pellets fall into the burn pot. With the help of a fan, the pellets combust in the burn pot creating an intense heat. The resulting heat and smoke rises and fills the pellet grill to cook the food. Pellet grills create a clean, even, and a simple cooking process that tastes great.

The Multi-Talented Pellet Grill

Pellet grills win the award for the most diverse cooking methods. With a Smokin’ Brothers Pellet Grill, you can smoke, bake, grill, sear, or even dehydrate. This is far more than traditional charcoal or gas grills can offer.

With Smokin’ Brothers griddle feature, serve up eggs, bacon, and toast to start the day. Cook wood-fired pizza for lunch. Then for dinner, use Heatwave to sear your meat, slow smoke it, or grill however you’d like to. The options are endless. And definitely don’t forget dessert! Most pellet grills have a blower fan that creates a convection current allowing for baking.

No matter the time of year, pellet grills can cook a mean meal! Even on the coldest Kansas winter day, Smokin’ Brothers Pellet Grills will hold their temperature and cook evenly. There are also warming racks to keep your meal hot until everything is ready.  Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all year long with pellet grills. 

Get Robust Flavor with Pellet Grills

The flavor from a pellet grill is mouth-watering, robust, and versatile. With pellet grills like Smokin’ Brothers, you can vary the pellet type to change and enhance the flavor of your meal. Smokin’ Brothers Pellets are available in Mesquite Wood, Hickory Wood, Cherry Wood, and even Apple/Hickory Wood. Try them all to see what you most enjoy! 

Cooking with Pellet Grills is Simple and Easy

Pellet grills are able to maintain a precise temperature for a perfect, even cook with little to no fuss from you. As the grill master, using a pellet grill is simple and easy. You only need to decide if you’re going to share your end results or not. 


To learn more about pellet grills and why they are a great choice for all backyard grill masters, stop by our store in Manhattan. To order your Smokin Brothers Grill, contact us today. Come find your gathering place with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

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