6 Tips for Planning a Great Backyard Party This Summer

6 Tips for Planning a Great Backyard Party This Summer

Ahhh…sweet summer has arrived! The best parts of summer include laid-back days, pool time, and endless sunshine. Additionally, summertime fun is found in spending time with your friends and family. This summer, gather your loved ones by hosting an enjoyable backyard party. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we love a fun backyard party! Here are our six tips for planning a great backyard party this summer. 

Create a Backyard Setting that Reflects Your Style

First things first, set the scene for your backyard party. You want your backyard to reflect your style and design preferences. Some of our favorite ideas include hanging string lights, adding a pop of color with a few floral arrangements, and beautiful outdoor furniture. Your outdoor furniture is a focal point for your backyard and sets the ambiance of your backyard party.

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we have a large selection of stunning outdoor furniture. No doubt, we have something to match your style and design preferences and make your backyard party a hit.

For a modern, sleek look available in fun colors, check out our Apricity® furniture line. If you prefer a timeless and sophisticated look, we recommend Homecrest® outdoor furniture. Our Lane Venture® furniture collection offers a luxurious and unique look. 

Choose the Right Foods to Serve at Your Backyard Party This Summer

When cooking for a crowd at your backyard party, it’s important to cook at your experience level. If you are new to grilling or not confident in branching out, stick to a gas or pellet grill. Napoleon® Gas Grills and Smokin’ Brothers® Pellet Grills are more predictable and straightforward to cook on. This makes them both an excellent option for your backyard party.

However, if you are a more experienced grill master, charcoal grills provide an undeniable and delicious flavor. Impress guests with a mouth-watering dinner from your Big Green Egg®

Be Prepared to Cook for a Crowd When Hosting a Backyard Party This Summer

When hosting a backyard party, you must be prepared to feed a small crowd. This means you need a grill that can cook for a small crowd. Overcrowding your grill can inhibit proper heat transfer and lead to undercooking or long cooking times.

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we carry massive grills by Napoleon Gas Grills, Big Green Egg, and Smokin’ Brothers that will be just right for grilling for a large outdoor party and beyond. 

Keep Guests Comfy at Your Backyard Party This Summer

Keep guests comfortable at your backyard party with high-quality outdoor furniture. Check out our large selection of durable and exceedingly comfortable outdoor furniture. Choose from dining sets, sofa sets, chairs, and more! Your guests might get so comfortable they won’t want to leave! You can also add to the comfort of your backyard party with the addition of a backyard fire pit.

Make Cleanup a Breeze After Your Backyard Party

When your outdoor party has ended, save yourself the headache of extensive cleanup. You might consider using disposable dishes, keeping trash cans readily available, and taking guests up on helping. Another way to make cleanup a breeze is by using a gas or pellet grill.

Napoleon Gas Grills and Smokin’ Brothers Grills are not only quick and easy to cook on, but they are also especially simple to clean afterward.  

Enjoy Hosting Your Backyard Party This Summer!

Your friends and family have arrived, the food is grilled, and everyone is having a wonderful time. Now, take in the moment and enjoy it as well! You can wait until tomorrow to start planning your next amazing backyard party. 


Make memories, share laughs, and spend time with your loved ones at a great backyard party. Stop by our store in Manhattan to learn more about our excellent selection of high-quality grills and patio furniture. Contact us today to order and be ready for your backyard party! 

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