Why do our employees love to work at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool?

Why do our employees love to work at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool?

Every day we ask ourselves if we love what we do. The answer here at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool is simple, yes! Asking each employee what it is that they love about coming to work each morning has opened a flood gate of reasons, including the typical one’s bigger businesses claim, but are not their reality. 

We care about our customers deeply and our employees just as equally. Brian and Kimberly Weber have been highly successful in ensuring that they create a friendly and inviting atmosphere, both for employees and customers. This atmosphere brings our employees in each day with smiling faces and our customers years of loyalty. They are also extremely understanding and flexible with an open-door policy. The Weber’s truly relate to others and build relationships with respect and communication. There are no robots or corporate chains here! When we bring employees in to join our team, we have a specific mission in mind. That is to create a memorable experience for all involved and foster lasting relationships with each other and our customers.   

We also strive to provide the most recent and informative knowledge to our customers. We value lifelong learning, especially with industry fields that change frequently year over year. We make sure our employees are trained correctly and certified through our vendor manufacturers and relevant National programs such as Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, BioLab, Chimney Safety Institute of America, National Fireplace Institute, etc. Once the staff member is certified, we ensure that they keep that certification up to date by following the programs training guidelines. For example, when we train one of our fireplace technicians, they start by receiving their Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certification. Once the technician takes the exam and becomes certified, they will be required to attend continued education in specific areas such as technical, codes and standards, health and safety, etc. Their certification will expire within 3 years unless they have gone through the continued education courses and renew their certification. 

Energy Center-Manhattan Pool is not one for slowing down during any part of the year. Some pool businesses state that there is a dry spell during the winter, and they are crazy busy in the summer. The same goes for fireplace businesses, but for the opposing seasons. The truth is, since we have a wide variety of unique products that can be used all year round, we are rarely slow. Our employees enjoy that they are not stuck doing remedial tasks to keep them busy, and they get to do what they love each day. Recently, we have also made it possible for our pool building team to work throughout the fall and winter months. 

Last, but not least, hearing from our employees directly, they love that when they get to the homeowner, they feel like the hero of the day. We can be heroes in the store, over the phone and in person. Whichever way we can help to make sure that things are working efficiently and at their best, will make our day as well. Our sales staff answer the phones, create a work order if they are unable to help directly over the phone, and then you hear from our schedulers. When the technicians receive that work order, they review it carefully and are ready for whatever job or task comes their way. Most of our technicians review the work order the day prior and verify that they have everything prepared for the job the next day.  

Ultimately, being locally owned and operated, we try to be as transparent as possible. We get you on the schedule as fast as we can, and work with you on the days and times that you prefer. Sometimes this can be difficult because we are experts in what we do. However, when we get there, due to our expertise, the homeowner always seems so excited to see us! Joy is contagious and that is what we aim for here at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

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