The Awesome Health Benefits of Saunas

The Awesome Health Benefits of Saunas

If you’re new to saunas, you may not know much about them and how they work. Maybe you’ve seen them at your local gym or pool, or maybe only on TV. Perhaps you’ve even tried one yourself. Whatever your level of sauna knowledge, you may have found yourself wondering, “What’s the hype?” Sure, you can see how they’d be great for athletes or for people to detox after a workout when they’re already hot and sweaty. But would you need one for your home, to use on a regular basis? Well, one of the main attractions of saunas for home use is all of the awesome health benefits, for everyone, not just athletes.


Boost Your Immune System Without the Juice

Toss out that orange juice or whatever fancy drink you have to boost your immune system (okay, maybe don’t toss the OJ, but for sure toss that weird, pricey concoction). With just 15-30 minutes a day in a sauna, you can boost your immune system! The heat of the sauna basically helps your body mimic a fever. Your body temperature will rise to fight off any perceived infection you have, and you’ll break out in a sweat to detox. It really is that simple.

Of course, this is in reference to immune systems in non-immunocompromised individuals. If you are immunocompromised, please consult your doctor before using a sauna as a supplemental treatment to your current treatment plan. 


Burn Some Calories Just Sitting There (Really)

It may be hard to believe that you can burn calories while just sitting in a sauna, but it’s true! The heat of the sauna gets your heart rate up, helping you burn calories while just sitting. This is more effective after a workout, but either way, you will still burn more than sitting on your couch!

Plus, if you spend an hour total in a sauna (with short breaks), your metabolism may increase. Metabolism is often thought of in terms of digesting food, which is accurate, but it also refers to how quickly your body burns calories. Think of it like the way your body takes a bit to slow down after a tough workout. Similarly, your body is working hard against the heat of the sauna, and it will continue to work to regulate your body temperature and get back to normal once you’re out. While your body is playing catch up, you can enjoy the higher metabolism and burn more calories than without a sauna.


Fight Springtime Allergies … No Mask Needed

While wearing a mask over the past year got really annoying at times, there were several benefits everyone seemed to gain from wearing them (other than their intended purpose, of course). One of those perks was that people’s allergies were so much better than usual.

Whether or not you decide to continue to wear a mask, there is another way to relieve your springtime allergies: spend some time in a sauna.

If you’ve lived in the Midwest for any period of time, you likely know that common symptoms of allergies include itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, and sneezing. And while saunas may not exactly help with your itchy eyes, they can definitely help with your congestion and sneezing.

Does anyone crave spicy food when they have a stuffy nose? The reason some crave it is because the heat from the food helps clear up congestion. Or, maybe you turn to the more conventional route of using a humidifier and some Vick’s. Either way, the sauna works in the same way: the heat and humidity help clear up your congestion.

If you’re not feeling well, you don’t want to go get spicy food, fill up your humidifier, or run to the store because you forgot to get more Vick’s last time. With a sauna, you can just walk down the hall and relax, while clearing your nose. Plus, you’ll still get to reap these other benefits, including helping you get ready to sleep.


Sleep Soundly After a Sauna Session

Sleep soundly after a sauna session … try saying that five times fast! If you can’t now, you definitely won’t be able to after a nighttime sauna session. Out of all of the awesome health benefits of saunas, this one may be the best. You can definitely get a better night’s sleep if you spend time in a sauna before bed. It starts when you get in the sauna: your intention in the sauna is to relax, and relax you will.  While you’re in the sauna, you’ll have some time away from your phone — maybe your family as well, and you can start getting out all of those thoughts that keep you up at night.

Once your sauna session is over, your body’s physical response kicks in. For your entire sauna session, your body has been fighting against the heat to keep your temperature regulated. But now you’re in a colder environment. Your body has to adjust to the cold, and the quick transition from the heat to the cold releases chemicals that make you sleepy. Maybe that’s why so many people like it cold in their rooms at night! 


Reap the Health Benefits of Saunas

Now that you know all of the awesome health benefits of saunas, are you convinced it’s not overhyped? We hope so! If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits yourself with a sauna for your home, Come Find Your Gathering Place at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we only sell the best saunas around: Finnleo® saunas. Finnleo saunas are custom-cut, which means you get to choose everything. You get to choose the type of heat (traditional or infrared), the type of wood used to build the sauna, and the shape and size of the sauna.

The best part about these saunas, other than all of the awesome health benefits, is that they can fit practically wherever you want! Do you have an awkward space under the stairs, or a corner with nothing to put in it? It’s probably perfect for a sauna. Contact us today to learn more and get started designing your sauna.

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