Increase Your Metabolism with a Sauna

Increase Your Metabolism with a Sauna

If this time of year has you wishing for a faster metabolism, you’re not alone. Your metabolism is basically the way your body converts food into energy. Turning all that Thanksgiving turkey and those Christmas cookies into energy sounds ideal, doesn’t it? There are several approaches to increasing your metabolism, including working out, supplements, and consuming correctly proportioned macros. But what if there was also a way to rest, relax, and still give your body a boost? A sauna can do just that! Studies have shown that our metabolic rate can increase by around 30% after an hour-long sauna session. The higher our metabolic rate, the more calories we are burning. 

Muscles & Metabolism

Gaining muscle from relaxing in a warm room sounds like the kind of fitness we could all get behind. That’s right! According to science, saunas have the ability to increase your muscle mass. Hyperthermia, which occurs when your body is exposed to increased heat for a period of time, causes our bodies to release additional “heat shock proteins.” These proteins basically protect your muscles from breakdown, as well as increasing mass. The more muscle we have, the higher our metabolic rate. Even at rest, muscle uses more energy than fat. 

Detox & Metabolism

Saunas provide a heated detox. Toxic chemicals are known to cause weight gain, and sweating them out in an infrared sauna is an easy way to rid your body of the things working against your metabolism. Clear out the junk, and let your body function at it’s best. 

Body Temp & Metabolism

Saunas also increase your blood flow, and can burn up to 250 calories an hour. If your sauna is around 140 degrees, your body will fight to keep your core body temperature steady, releasing sweat and burning calories to do so. Let the heat do the work for you, and then take advantage of the after effects. Sleep after a sauna session is exceptionally satisfying.

Post Workout Sauna Session & Metabolism

If you are trying to increase your metabolism with a sauna, the very best effects come from spending some time in the sauna directly after a workout. This will extend the benefits of your workout, and all the calories you worked hard to burn.

Regardless of when you step into your sauna, the metabolic boost will last you hours after your sauna session. The ability to increase your metabolism with a sauna is a convincing benefit to invest in one. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we carry Finnleo® indoor sauna rooms, as well as custom cut saunas. Because they can be custom built, they are created to fit in your space and in your budget. Come Find Your Gathering Place, and let us get you on your way to increasing your metabolism with a sauna!


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