Remedy Springtime Allergy Symptoms with a Sauna

Remedy Springtime Allergy Symptoms with a Sauna

Are you one of the many allergy sufferers out there thinking about the miserable seasonal allergies that are right at your back door? Dreading the tree, flower, and grass pollens you know are preparing for war on your sinus cavities? Do you battle such symptoms as runny nose, sneezing, coughing, congestion, headaches, facial pain, sore throat and itchy, watery eyes, and fatigue? 

You’ve probably already been stocking up your medicine cabinet with the typical drowsiness-inducing medicines. But, what if there was a more natural, holistic way to treat those allergy symptoms? One that would leave you clear-headed with no crazy side effects? A sauna with its many health and wellness benefits may be just the thing you’re looking for to put a halt to those nagging allergy problems before they even start.

Where’s all that Sneezing Coming From?

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like your own immune system has turned against you. As those allergy triggers from the air (inside and outdoors) enter into your airway and sinus cavities, your immune system sets off an allergic reaction by producing an overabundance of antibodies known as histamines. These histamines attack the dust, plant molds, or pollens you’ve encountered. As your body works to fight off these invaders, your sinuses become inflamed. This leads to all of those irritating symptoms that keep you in bed instead of outside enjoying the beauty of nature. 

A Sauna to the Rescue!

But, there is some good news! Daily sauna use can get you up and about in no time! And, while you are relieving those seasonal allergies, you’ll be enjoying other fantastic benefits like healthy, glowing skin, better sleep, and even pain relief.

So, how does a sauna give you a leg up in the war against the sniffles and sneezes? Let’s explain:

  • The heat from your sauna increases your blood circulation and makes you sweat, flushing away the allergens that have built up in your pores. 
  • A sauna session can also relieve nasal congestion caused by allergies. Not only does the heat lessen sinus pressure and allow you to breathe easier, the moisture in the air – particularly with a traditional sauna – acts as a humidifier and helps with dryness in your nose and sinuses.
  • While you’re relaxing in your steam room, your body’s internal temperature rises – and as you exit, begins to regulate. This affects your autonomic nervous system and lulls your body into a peaceful resting state. The more you rest, the faster you can heal!
  • Saunas also help boost your immune system! Studies have shown that a sauna bath boosts your white cell production, giving your body some serious allergy-fighting superpowers. 
  • Do you have asthma? Then you will especially enjoy a sauna during allergy season. The steam works wonders when it comes to relaxing bronchial tubes. 

Wondering how hard it is to experience the health-boosting benefits of sauna use for yourself? At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, it couldn’t be easier! Don’t continue to suffer from seasonal allergies. Try out this natural treatment to improve, or even avoid, your springtime allergy symptoms. Contact us today at 785-776-5118 and check out our amazing variety of Finnleo® saunas to fit any space in your home or backyard. Come find your gathering place.

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