Preparing Your Backyard for Fall

Preparing Your Backyard for Fall

Summer will officially pass off the baton to autumn on September 22, which means it’s time to start preparing your beautiful backyard for fall! Whether you have a small, intimate space where your family and pets gather in the evenings, or you have a large, luxurious yard where your loved ones congregate often — we have some great ideas for seasonally sprucing up your space.

Warm it up!

Several things will begin to fall, like the leaves and the temperature. As the weather starts dropping down into the 50s, transitioning your backyard into a cozy gathering place will require a heat source. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we specialize in outdoor fireplaces that transform your backyard into a homey escape. We also carry fire pits and infrared heaters. Once you choose the heat source that fits your space and budget, adding a few baskets filled with cozy knit blankets or faux fur throws will give an added layer of beauty, depth, and style!

Make it delicious!

There aren’t many better ways to waste your time than by scouring the thousands of “fall recipes” on the web! Don’t be too close minded about grilling in the fall either. Grills do SO much more than prepare meat. With The Big Green Egg, you can make amazing pizzas, pastas, soups and even pies. Serve up some Paella on The Egg, gather around your new outdoor Ratana or Coastal living furniture, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous fall dinner party. Arrange a few large pumpkins on your outdoor dining table, underneath your infrared heaters. Place some large potted fall florals around your patio, turn on the football game, and celebrate all of the little moments with the ones you love.

Take time to unwind!

Once the Chiefs have won, the fire has been put out, the dishes have been put away, and the company has headed home, you and your partner can head into your sauna to unwind and relax. Fall is pretty notorious for the onslaught of viruses and germs. What better way to rid your body of toxins and decompress after a long day than relaxing in the warmth of your own sauna. We can create a sauna to fit the space you have available, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Your body will thank you.

Fall is for enjoyment, for football, for dinner parties, for cool evenings around the fire and memories to cherish for years to come. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we specialize in creating beautiful spaces that you’ve always dreamed of for your home. Come Find Your Gathering Place and begin preparing your backyard for fall! We can’t wait to see you.


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