Add Bluetooth Speakers to a Hot Tub

Add Bluetooth Speakers to a Hot Tub

A quick Google search of “hot tub accessories” yields so many results it’s literally overwhelming. From simple gadgets and waterproof board games, all the way up to high-tech (and expensive) audio-video systems, there is no shortage of hot tub accessories to choose from! Bluetooth® speakers fall sort of in the middle of those extremes — not nearly so expensive as the flatscreen TVs and surround-sound speaker systems, but certainly not as cheap as a cup holder or towel rack. Are Bluetooth speakers for a hot tub worth the extra expense? Let’s take a look.

Another Level of Therapy

One of the most pronounced reasons people invest in hot tubs is for the therapeutic value. The most obvious are hydrotherapy and massage therapy, but don’t sell yourself short. You can greatly enhance the therapeutic value of your hot tub by adding other elements to the experience, including aromatherapy and music therapy. The benefits of music therapy are well documented, and include improved cognition, enhanced mood and psychological well being, and even physical benefits, such as reduced pain for certain conditions. Bluetooth speakers make it easy to take your therapeutic hot tub experience to new heights.

Another Level of Entertainment

Hot tubs are also investments in your social life. Whether it’s better date nights or another option for parties, your hot tub will soon become the focal point of your social life at home. During quarantines, hot tubs essentially sold out nationwide, as a “staycation” option when travel and entertainment venues were no longer accessible. Bluetooth speakers bring the lively element of music to your hot tub parties, a romantic ambiance to your date nights, and a soothing element of relaxation to your solo soaks.

Another Level of Value

We’ve talked about the “investment” in a hot tub, and that’s precisely what it is. You’re investing in your home, your family, and your personal health and well-being. Bluetooth speakers make it simple and easy to enjoy the full value of your hot tub at all times. Sure, you could drag out an old school boom box every time you want to soak. Fret with batteries or cords. Drip water in the stereo. Come to think of it, that’s not really a good option at all! Bluetooth speakers designed for use with a hot tub makes it safe and convenient to turn up the slow jam or party tunes anytime you like. And we’re guessing that will be most every time you enjoy your new hot tub!

You can get a music-ready hot tub with a Hot Spring® spa. Adding Bluetooth speakers combines the music with your hot tub to create the ultimate experience. A wireless Bluetooth audio system gives you the ability to sync your playlist. A control panel allows you to adjust the volume, change the song, and control your listening experience.

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