6 Out of the Box Grill Recipes

6 Out of the Box Grill Recipes

Summer is coming to an end and Fall is quickly approaching. What’s the best way to celebrate this tremendous transition? With a barbeque, of course! But not just any barbeque. Go crazy this Summer and Fall with these 6 out of the box grill recipes.


Astonishing Appies

Every great barbeque needs something for your guests to munch on while they’re waiting for the main course to be ready. Typically, this is chips and dip or some other store bought fare. But we’re thinking out of the box here. What if you make appetizers on the grill before your guests arrive?

Instead of buffalo chicken dip, bake up some bread on your grill. It’s like buffalo chicken dip and pizza had a baby—making the absolute best appetizer. And instead of pigs in a blanket, try pigs in a cup. Bacon, sausage, and a bunch of yummy filling; it’ll be a new party favorite.


Eccentric Entrees

Now that you’ve wowed everyone with your abnormal appetizers, you really have to step it up with your entrees. Not just any entree will do for your out of the box barbeque. But, you don’t necessarily have to forgo the classic hot dogs and hamburgers. You just have to open your mind a little!

What if instead of the normal fixings, you got a little eccentric with the options you offer your guests? For example, add some macaroni and cheese with bacon to your list of topping options. The recipe recommends serving the mac and cheese directly on the hot dog, but we have an even better option: add it to a topping bar! Your guests can add as much topping as they like, or even just eat the mac and cheese by itself (we won’t judge). Plus, you can offer other eccentric topping/entree options to go with your hot dogs, like the hottest chili you’ve ever had (bonus: it has chocolate in it).


Different Desserts

Your barbeque isn’t just out of this box—it’s out of this world. And to top it all off, you need some dessert that’s out of this world. So, what could do this job better than donuts and ice cream?

For our first dessert, we’re going to make donut pudding. Yes, you heard that right—donut pudding. It’s basically bread pudding, but instead of bread, you use donuts. Genius, right?

And next on our list of genius dessert creations is French toast covered in ice cream. Yes, that’s right. Like the donut pudding, we’re going to swap out a classic ingredient for something more fun. So, instead of milk for the French toast dip, you’re going to melt some ice cream. It’s so easy, and we’d completely understand if you eat it for breakfast, too.


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