4 Smart Ways to Save on Pool and Hot Tub Energy Costs

4 Smart Ways to Save on Pool and Hot Tub Energy Costs

It’s one of those transition times of the year when you’re probably using both your pool and hot tub quite a lot. Which, in turn, is causing your energy bill to go up. One of the biggest concerns of pool and hot tub ownership is the energy cost. Hold on — don’t despair just yet! If you are starting to see that concern come to fruition on your utility bill, we can help. Try these 4 smart ways to save on pool and hot tub energy costs.

Turn Down The Hot Tub Heat

Do you use your hot tub every day? What do you do with the heater when you’re not using it? Do you just leave it on? It may seem like it would cost more, but it actually saves money to lower the hot tub temperature between uses. All you have to do is turn the heater down a couple of degrees — not all the way off. This will still keep your hot tub warm while not in use, but save you a few dollars on your energy bill. Then, when you’re ready to use it again, you can just turn it up and it’ll be ready to go in no time.

Cover Up Your Pool and Hot Tub

Close the refrigerator!” “Close the front door!” “Don’t open those windows while I have the air conditioning/heat on!”

We’ve all heard our parents yell these phrases, but as a kid, it was hard to understand why it mattered so much. Sure, the refrigerator and front door make sense, but why does it matter if you open the windows? Well, when you open the windows (or, in this case, the pool or spa cover), it affects the temperature of the area you are trying to heat. So, if your pool or spa cover is off, it is releasing the heat into the air and taking in the cooler temperature from the air. So, your heater will kick on again and use even more energy. But, if you leave the cover on while not in use, the warm air will stay in and your heater won’t have to work as hard, saving you money.

Covering your pool also prevents evaporation, which saves on the cost of added water to it. And it makes chemicals last longer, which means your filtration system doesn’t need to work as much (meaning you only need to run your pool pump once a day!).

Don’t Run Your Pool Pump All Day

Since you’ll be enjoying your swimming pool more, you may assume you have to run your pool pump all day, every day to keep up on filtration and cleaning. That can really add to your energy costs, though! Even if you run your pool pump every day, you can save on energy costs by only running it at night during non-peak hours.

Get Help from the Professionals

The last of our 4 smart ways to save on pool and hot tub energy costs is to ask us for help! At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we are always happy to help our customers save money. If you have not purchased a pool or hot tub yet, we can help you pick the most energy-efficient option. And if you already have a pool and/or hot tub, don’t be a stranger! 

If you see your energy bill rising, come ask us for some help or request a service. We can come to take a look at your pool or hot tub and make sure everything is working correctly. If it’s not, that could be affecting your bill as well. Our expert team is here and ready to help you have the best time with pool and hot tub ownership. Come Find Your Gathering Place at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

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