5 Ways to Save Your Pool Chlorine this Summer

5 Ways to Save Your Pool Chlorine this Summer

One of the hottest news stories this summer is the chlorine shortage. Here at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we understand that as a pool owner, you have concerns about having enough chlorine by the end of summer. While we have plenty of chlorine in stock, we also wanted to share five ways to save your pool chlorine this summer to make it last through the season.

1 – Test your pool water weekly

Testing your pool water determines if your water chemistry is balanced and which chemicals you’ll need if it isn’t. One of the first things pool owners do if their water chemistry is imbalanced is add more chlorine. However, sometimes they really need a pH balancer, alkalinity increaser, or other types of pool chemicals instead.

If you need further assistance understanding water testing, ask Energy Center-Manhattan Pool! We can help you better understand just what chemicals you actually need, so you won’t end up overusing your limited stash of chlorine.

2 – Maximize chlorine efficiency with other pool chemicals

In order to maximize chlorine efficiency, you need to add algaecide and phosphate removers to your weekly pool chemical routine. Doing this will keep your chlorine from overworking as it combats algae.

Without algaecide and phosphate removers, the growth rate of algae can quickly overpower the kill rate of your chlorine. Not only will you use up your chlorine too quickly, but your pool will turn green, too. Algaecide both prevents and kills algae and phosphate removers keep levels of phosphates low in your water, as algae feed on orthophosphates.

3 – Keep your pool debris-free with daily and weekly maintenance

Along with algaecide and phosphate removers, performing daily and weekly maintenance on your pool will also prevent algae growth. Debris like leaves, dirt, and bugs interrupt your pool’s chemical balance and force your chlorine to work more.

Skim your pool water at least once a day and vacuum the interior of your pool once a week to remove debris. This will give your chlorine less to keep clean, making it last longer than it would without maintenance.

4 – Save your pool chlorine from residual sunlight loss

Exposing your pool water to sunlight can result in chlorine residual sunlight loss due to evaporation. There are two ways to prevent this: keeping your pool covered when not in use and adding a chlorine stabilizer to your water.

If you keep your pool cover on when you’re not swimming, you shield your chlorine from the sun, making it last much longer. This also keeps debris from getting into your pool. 

When not covered – or maybe your cover is difficult to put on and take off – chlorine stabilizer acts as an in-water cover and minimizes evaporation.

5 – Consider switching to a chlorine alternative

If you still end up needing to buy more chlorine, consider switching to a chlorine alternative. Our recommendation is biguanide, as it does just as good of a job sanitizing your pool water, yet is often gentler on skin and eyes and holds up better to sunlight.

Or, for a long-term solution, consider upgrading your swimming pool to a saltwater system or mineral water system. These types of systems generate their own chlorine, so you won’t have to add more chlorine as often.

With these five ways to save your pool chlorine, you should be set for summer. Along with having chlorine in stock, Energy Center-Manhattan Pool has additional chemicals to boost your chlorine’s performance, both online and in-store. Our service professionals are also happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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