What Are My Chlorine Alternative Options?

What Are My Chlorine Alternative Options?

Chlorine alternatives for your pool can be a great option for many people. As you probably know, chlorine is the most common way to cleanse your pool. However, there are other excellent ways to keep your pool clean, balanced, and safe to use that are not chlorine. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we carry several excellent chlorine alternatives for pools for our customers. Keep reading to learn about the best chlorine alternatives you can choose from and how they can help your pool. 

Soft Swim as a Chlorine Alternative

Bioguard®’s Soft Swim® line is a chlorine alternative for your pool that works in three simple

steps. Soft Swim contains biguanides that effectively sanitize and kill any bacteria from growing. You also can use less of this chlorine alternative because it does not degrade in sunlight or high heat like chlorine does. Soft Swim is also a great alternative to chlorine because it keeps the water soft to protect your hair, skin, and eyes. Additionally, Soft Swim is easy to use! Watch to learn more about Soft Swim as a chlorine alternative for your pool.

Salt as an Alternative to Chlorine in Pools

Using salt as a chlorine alternative is a natural, more gentle way to keep your pool clean and clear. Salt water is also more gentle on your body, hair, and swimsuit. Keep in mind though, that salt water can tend to have a higher pH level, can create calcium scaling, and can dissipate quickly in the sun. For these reasons, it’s important to use a high-quality brand like Bioguard whose salt water products address these concerns. Bioguard offers two salt water product lines: the Mineral Springs Program and SaltScapes®. Contact our team at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool to learn more about salt water pools and learn which Biogaurd product line is best for your pool. 

Algaecides or Enzymes to Extend Your Chlorine’s Usefulness and Prevent Chlorine Overload

While algaecides and enzymes are not chlorine alternatives, they will prevent you from having to use excess amounts of chlorine, prevent frequent chlorines shocks, and help the chlorine in your pool go further. This is possible because the algaecides or enzymes attack growth or imbalances in your pool that the chlorine would otherwise have to take care of and get used up more quickly. 

Bioguard’s Algae Complete® is effective at killing and preventing the growth of algae. Algae occurs naturally in warm water but without an algaecide, your chlorine would have to work to fight its growth. Also, Bioguard’s Pool Juice®  uses enzymes to remove unwanted phosphates from your pool, clarify water, and keep your pool line clean. Both are excellent ways to keep chlorine use to a minimum. 

Regardless of what type of pool chemicals you use, the most important thing is to keep your pool clean, clear, and safe to use with regular pool maintenance. All of the listed pool chemical options are great choices. Pick the one that you feel is the best fit for you and your needs. If you’d like to learn more about pool chemicals, maintenance options, or chlorine alternatives stop by our store in Manhattan to chat with our pool experts. We are always happy to help our customers find just what they need and ensure summer swimming is loads of fun! Come find your gathering place with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool. Contact us today!

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