The Best Plants to Use in Your Landscaping Around Your Hot Tub

The Best Plants to Use in Your Landscaping Around Your Hot Tub

When you buy a new hot tub, it’s probably going to become a focal point in your backyard. Your family will be spending so much time there that you’ll want to think about creative ways to spruce up the area around the spa. One great way to create the perfect hot tub area is by adding some beautiful landscaping, with plants that offer privacy, aroma and ambience to your backyard oasis.

Here are some of the best plants you can use when landscaping around your hot tub:

Shrubs and Trees for Privacy and Beauty

Mature trees, plants and bushes with thick foliage that are tall enough to surround your hot tub are a good way to add natural beauty and privacy to your spa experience. Bamboo trees, arborvitae, rhododendrons, pieris japonica and laurel are all ideal for creating a natural fence between your hot tub and the outside world. Not only will this enhance the look of your backyard, but you’ll have a more intimate place to enjoy your spa in privacy and peace.

Plants for Color and Aromatherapy

To add some extra aesthetic appeal and relaxing aroma to your spa area, try hanging baskets, arranging potted plants or planting flowers like lavender, sweet box, roses, petunias, portulacas, geraniums and more. Flowers will add a splash of bright color to your yard and release therapeutic scents that will make your spa even more tranquil than before. Finding a theme for your plants can be a fun way to build your private fantasy getaway at home. For example, use tropical foliage and potted orchids to make your spa area feel more like the tropical jungle you’ve always dreamed of.

Plants to Avoid

When landscaping around a hot tub, there are some plants you’ll want to avoid. Anything with thorns is probably not a good idea to plant near your hot tub. Plants like barberry, pyracantha, and thorny roses may be too sharp for such a central location in your yard. Any plants that have ripening fruits or berries will often attract bees and wasps, and you definitely don’t want a bee sting during your relaxing evening hot tub soak. Avoid any messy trees or shrubs with low hanging foliage such as sweet gum, pine, southern magnolia and pecan trees. Trees that shed a lot and create excess debris will be a maintenance disaster, because the leaves and debris could get into your hot tub and make a mess of the entire surrounding area.

Decorating your hot tub area with some beautiful plants is an excellent idea for getting the most out of your spa experience. Be sure to carefully pick out the types of plants you use as well as their placement, so that you can complete your spa area and transform it into a private getaway that your friends and family will love!

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