Pellet Stoves: Everything You Need to Know

Pellet Stoves: Everything You Need to Know

Heating your home in the winter is a tricky balance between staying warm and keeping energy costs down. This is why at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we love to recommend pellet stoves to our customers. With many amazing benefits, it can be an easy choice for heating your home. But how does a pellet stove work? It is fueled by compressed pellets made of recycled wood shavings and sawdust. Because these pellets are dense and moisture free, they burn especially hot and efficiently. 

The Science of Pellet Stoves

Remember middle school science class? Hot air rises and cool air sinks as part of the process called convection. Pellet stoves use the science of convention to heat your house. As cooler, denser air sinks toward the ground your pellet stove pulls it in.  As the cool air passes over the fire, the fire burns hotter, the air heats up, and then rises as it’s released back into the room. This process of cool air being heated over the fire and then released back into the room is repeated over and over making your house toasty and warm. 

The Benefits of Pellet Stoves

Easy to Use

One of the great benefits of a pellet stove is its simplicity to operate. Say goodbye to chopping, collecting, and lighting firewood! With your pellet stove, simply turn it on with the push of a button. You only need to make sure the hopper is filled with pellets before each use. Pellets also create significantly less ash than wood meaning less cleanup for you between fires.  

Easy to Control

Once your stove is on, controlling the heat is equally as simple. You can control the heat your stove puts out to the degree. As you turn the temperature up or down, the auger in your fireplace will send more or fewer pellets from the hopper to the burn pot where the flame is. Many pellet stoves even come with a touch screen controller that can create heating schedules and automatic functions so you can sit back and enjoy the warmth. 

Lower Energy Costs

Using a pellet stove can significantly reduce your energy expenses. Pellet stoves use both pellets and electricity to operate. Because pellets are made of wood byproducts, they are inexpensive to purchase. Additionally, the electrical needs to operate your stove are very minimal, potentially less than your daily coffee run. 

Environmentally Friendly

Not only are the pellets made from recycled wood, but pellet stoves burn cleanly. The pellets are very compact and dry making the fire burn extremely hot and with very little air pollution. Heat your home and care for the earth with a pellet stove. 

Common Questions About Pellet Stoves

Do Pellet Stoves Need Regular Maintenance?

As a general rule of thumb, you should perform regular maintenance on your pellet stove after every ton of pellets burned. Your stove will need even more thorough maintenance after two tons.

It’s also important to clean both the combustion and exhaust fans.

How Much Wood Pellets Will I Need?

Another common question we get is how many pellets a person can expect to go through or how frequently they will have to fill their pellet stove hopper. This depends on the size of your home and the climate of where you live. However, during winter, you’ll probably end up needing around 2 to 3 tons of pellets.

Can I Use My Pellet Stove If the Power Goes Out?

In case your power goes out or if there’s a brown out, you may want to get a battery back up or generator for your pellet stove. Get a battery back up only if brown outs are frequent in your area. 

Federal Tax Credit

Because of the many amazing features and benefits of pellet stoves, you can receive a Federal Tax Credit for many models. This tax credit means that you receive a 26% credit for the purchase and installation of a new, qualifying pellet stove. The 26% credit is available through the end of 2022, before it is then reduced to 22% for 2023. Many of our Harman®, Lopi®, and Quadra-Fire® models qualify for this incentive. Contact us to learn more about this incredible incentive and about which of our pellet stoves qualify. 

Is a Pellet Stove a Good Fit for Me?

Need to heat your home? Want heating for your home to be easy? Like saving money in the process? If you answered yes, then a pellet stove is perfect for you! Our team at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool would love to talk to you more about the benefits of pellet stoves and if one is a good fit for you. Wamego, Junction City, and the tri-county area have trusted us with their fireplace needs since 1970. Come find your gathering place with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool. Contact us today!

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