What is a Fireplace Insert?

What is a Fireplace Insert?

When it’s cold outside and you’re ready to warm up, it’s nice to know your options for heating your home. After all, the Kansas winters can be unforgiving at times. A fireplace is not only a way to warm your house, but it also creates a homey atmosphere. One option you should consider for your home is a fireplace insert. What exactly is a fireplace insert? At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we are experts when it comes to fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Let us answer that question for you. 

What does a fireplace insert do?

A fireplace insert is a steel or cast iron box that holds a fire, whether wood, gas, or pellet. It is installed into your existing fireplace. Think of it like a stove inside your fireplace. At Energy Center- Manhattan Pool we offer wood, gas, and pellet fireplace inserts in a variety of designs to meet your needs and desires.

A wood insert gives you the full experience of a fireplace, including sound and look, while heating your house very effectively. For a hassle-free option, a gas insert will heat your home at the push of a button while still looking great. Finally, we offer pellet fireplace inserts that burn recycled lumber byproduct. They are easy to use and burn cleanly and consistently.

Why would you get one?

There is more than one reason you might be interested in an insert. First, if your chimney or fireplace is outdated or poorly designed, an insert can fix the problem so you can still enjoy cozy fires. Second, if you are wanting a more efficient way to heat your house, an insert heats more efficiently than a traditional fireplace. 

What is involved in the installation?

When it’s time to install your fireplace insert, our team of certified experts will come to assess your existing fireplace and install the insert to burn most effectively for your home. Additionally, they will retrofit your chimney to safely allow air and combustibles to exit. Once this is complete, the team will show you how to safely use it to heat your home.

What maintenance is required?

Maintenance for your fireplace insert is simple and easy. Keep the outside free of dust or other debris. Depending on the type of insert you choose, you may need to regularly clean the interior of ash or other buildup. In addition to regular cleaning, we also recommend an annual chimney inspection before fireplace season begins. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool our team is certified to do a thorough inspection to ensure your insert and chimney are burning safely and efficiently. Read more about why a fireplace inspection is important.

How do I get one?

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we stand ready to help you with your fireplace needs. To learn more about fireplace inserts or to check out the amazing options we offer, give us a call today or stop by our convenient Manhattan location. Our team is always happy to help! Come Find Your Gathering Place!

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