Keep Your Sauna Looking Great – Sauna Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Sauna Looking Great – Sauna Maintenance Tips

Whether you enjoy the relaxation and health benefits of your sauna once a week or once a month, it’s important to properly maintain it. Your sauna is made with materials designed to be durable, safe, and easy to clean. Here are some sauna maintenance tips to keep your sauna looking great for years. 

Sauna Maintenance Tips

To maintain your sauna, do:

  • Inspect stones annually ensuring proper placement for airflow and heat distribution.
  • Occasionally sweep out loose dirt.
  • Occasionally mop using a liquid deodorizing cleaner. 
  • Treat handles and floorboards with a wood sealant or polyurethane finish. 
  • Use a hand brush after each time in the sauna, dipping the brush in a water bucket containing plain water and scrubbing the benches, walls, and backrests. 
  • Keep the door open for fresh air circulation.
  • Prop up duckboards off the floor after use, leaving the doors open to dry out the sauna.


  • Paint, varnish or stain the interior. It is important for the word to breathe. 
  • Clean while the sauna is running. 
  • Use it again until the sauna is completely dry.

Without proper care, your sauna could develop stains or mold. According to, if dirt or sweat stains develop, use warm water, a mild detergent, and a hand brush to clean. For mold, clean with warm water and bleach. Also, benches can be lightly sanded annually.

How often you clean depends on how often you use your sauna. Regularly taking just 30-60 seconds to clean is key to maintaining your place for relaxation and health.  Keep your sauna looking great by following the maintenance tips!


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