How to Stay Limber After 50 with a Hot Tub

How to Stay Limber After 50 with a Hot Tub

Staying limber and flexible can become a real challenge after turning 50. Many people over the age of 50 experience joint pains and muscle soreness, making it difficult to do many of the same activities that were once easy. 

The good news is that with a hot tub, you can improve your flexibility, heal chronic pain and get exercise without putting pressure on your joints. Owning a hot tub can truly make a difference in your overall health and well being at any age. 

Here are some gentle and effective exercises to do in your hot tub to stay limber after 50:

Shoulder Rolls

Sit straight up in your hot tub. Begin with some light shoulder rolls, moving forward and back. These simple movements combined with the warmth and water resistance from your spa will help improve mobility and boost your circulation. Start by trying three sets of 30 and see how you feel.

Feet Kicks

Start in a seated position with your legs extended toward the center of your hot tub. Rotate your legs and feet while bending your knees like you’re riding a bicycle. Lower and lift your legs against the resistance of the water to work your muscles and loosen your hip flexors. Start with three sets of 20 – 30 reps.

Core Exercises

In a seated position, face toward the center of your hot tub. Bring your knees to your chest, then extend your legs fully. This will work your abs and core, so keep your back straight without arching it. Try not to bring your shoulders all the way to your ears, which could put pressure on your neck. Try starting with three sets of 30 reps for a great core workout.

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