How Often Do Fireplaces Need Maintenance

How Often Do Fireplaces Need Maintenance

When the weather outside is frightful, a cozy fire inside warms the heart and soul. Gathering around the fireplace is the perfect setting for family fun and enjoyment. So, don’t let the good times come to a halt because of overdue maintenance. If you’ve wondered how often fireplaces need maintenance, then we are here to help. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we would love to assist you with regular fireplace care.

Wood Burning Fireplace Maintenance

A wood burning fireplace not only warms your home, it dazzles with its beauty. Additionally, it is an energy efficient method for heating your living space. When it comes to maintaining your wood burning fireplace, we recommend both regular and annual maintenance. Wood burning stoves produce byproducts such as ash and soot that should be removed frequently depending on use. Wait at least 24 hours after burning to ensure the ashes have cooled completely. 

Further, once a year a sweep and safety inspection is highly recommended. We have chimney and fire safety certified technicians that will carefully sweep and inspect your fireplace system. During this inspection, we will brush and vacuum interior walls and inserts, clean the glass, remove any build-up in the blower, brush and clean the interior chimney walls, and more. Once everything is clean, we then run a camera up the chimney and flue to check for imperfection, abnormalities, or damage that would be a cause for concern. As the inspection continues, we go into the attic and on the roof to inspect for safety and make sure all components are working properly. We can also apply a moisture barrier and other products that can extend the life and use of your fireplace. Finally, we make sure all fire safety codes are met or exceeded.  

Electric Fireplace Maintenance

An electric fireplace offers warmth and coziness combined with ease of use. And caring for your electric fireplace can be as simple as using it. Just regularly clean around your fireplace as you do the rest of your home. Then, have us in for an annual inspection. During the inspection, we will clean and check the interior components of your electric fireplace. Among other things, we will check for energy efficiency, change bulbs as needed, and clean the ventilation fan.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Owning a gas fireplace is often thought of as the best of both worlds. You have the real fire look and warmth of a wood burning fire, while still having the clean-burning advantages of an electric fireplace. We recommend cleaning around your fireplace once a month, even in times of little use, to remove any dust buildup. Also, regularly check the lava rocks and media to make sure they remain in good condition.

Further, we recommended having an annual inspection performed by our certified technicians. They will clean and inspect the valves, ignition switch, test thermostat and burners, check fuel delivery and venting for leaks or blockage, and inspect other components unique to gas fireplaces. 


This winter, enjoy using your fireplace to make your home feel comfortable and welcoming. Failing to properly maintain your fireplace can lead to chimney fires, malfunctioning parts, or other home damage. Our technicians are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America, Master Hearth Professional, National Fireplace Institute, and are members of the Chimney Sweep Guild. In addition to regular maintenance, we can help with troubleshooting issues that arise at any time. Call us today to set up an annual inspection and cleaning so the warm nights and dancing lights can continue.

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