Can You Burn Wood in a Gas Fireplace?

Can You Burn Wood in a Gas Fireplace?

Crackle, Snap, and Pop! Few things are as relaxing as the sound of wood burning over a fire. And few things are as mesmerizing as watching the flames dancing around the fireplace. If you currently own or are considering a gas fireplace, you may be wondering, “Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace? In a single word the answer is, emphatically, NO! Let us explain why this is true, how you can still achieve a realistic wood burning look, and alternatives for true wood lovers.


The primary reason for not burning wood in a gas fireplace is due to significant safety hazards. Gas fireplaces are designed to burn natural gas. When you alter this intention you risk the safety of your family and your home. Gas fireplaces are not designed to meet the ventilation and high heat needs of a wood burning fire. Because of this, dangerous safety hazards emerge such as carbon monoxide poisoning, explosion of the gas line, and even out-of-control flames that can escape the firebox, damaging your home. Further, the heat from a wood fire burns hotter than a gas fire and can permanently damage the gas fire logs and other connections that aren’t designed to withstand the higher heat from wood burning fire. Burning real wood in your gas fireplace just isn’t safe and needs to be completely avoided. 

Authentic Look

If the wood burning look is something you enjoy and want to implement, all is not lost! The gas fireplaces of today truly have an authentic, realistic wood fire look. You would be hard-pressed to know otherwise. In addition to looking realistic, you get all the perks of owning a gas fireplace: no gathering wood, no fussing to get it started, no waiting for the flame and heat to grow, and no smoke or ash. Gas fireplaces have all the ease and great looks with none of the upkeep. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we would love to show you the options and features of our gas burning fireplaces and inserts. We think you will be thrilled with the authentic look and design!

Wood Burning Stoves

If you still desire a true wood burning fire and want to be energy efficient, we can help with that too. A wood burning stove can be an energy efficient way to heat your home with the charming look and sound of a wood burning fire. Further, certain wood burning stoves qualify for up to 26% tax credit meant to encourage energy-efficient heat use. We can help walk you through this process and show you qualifying products so you can receive this significant credit. 


So, can you burn wood in a gas fireplace? We hope we’ve shown you that the resounding answer is no. Not to worry, though. We can still help you get the look and feel you desire. Come find your gathering place today at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool! We proudly serve Manhattan, Junction City, and Wamego for all your gas, electric, and wood burning fireplace needs. Contact us today to get started!

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