Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are trying to decide what to get your father, grandfather, husband, etc. for Father’s Day, look no further. Energy Center-Manhattan Pool has fantastic gift options and the reasons why they make such a great gift for that father. In general, these are great gift options for any special moment in his life; birthday, anniversary, coming off deployment, or even a just because surprise. Make him feel special with sturdy Big Green Egg grill. Perhaps trying a local grilling brand, Smokin Brothers. Last, but not the least, maybe he already has a grill and needs some tools to fine-tune those grilling skills. 

Big Green Egg and/or Egg-cessories

This is an extremely versatile grill, the complete outdoor cooking system- you can cook everything on it. If grilling is his thing, this is the grill for him. It is hands-on to bring the party outside and around the grill. It provides a full grilling experience. The Big Green Egg is also quite fuel efficient with the high-quality ceramic for durability and retains heat to the temperature you desire. It has been known by many that the Big Green Egg cooks the best steaks you’ll ever have! To add to the value of this remarkable grill is that it has a lifetime warranty. Your father will love this grill! If he already has the Big Green Egg, we have some fantastic egg-cessories that he will enjoy testing out. 

Smokin Brothers Pellet Grill and/or Sauce/Rub

These grills take grilling to the next level. This is for your hands-off griller who wants the grill to do the hard work. You can even grill from a distance on your phone using the new Queview screen. They are incredibly easy to use from beginner grillers to the experts. Smokin’ Brothers pellet grills are all American made and created by a Kansas State Graduate. These grills are also versatile and can retain heat even during the harshest of Kansas winters. These grills cook with indirect heat to prevent overcooking of your food and they are built with a fan that circulates that heat. They also contain a drip pan to drain the grease away from the food. When you cook with different flavors of pellets it provides a diverse infused taste in your food. What more could your easy-going father want for Father’s Day? 


Mr. Bar-B-Q 12-piece tool set

If you are looking for something for your father, and he already has that incredible grill that he loves to cook food on, give this tool set a try. He will love the features such as It is Stainless steel with longer handles. It also includes a bonus in the set with an electrical fork temperature gauge, so the meat is cooked at the perfect temperature every time! Give your father the gift of barbeque tools! 

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