The Best Summer Pool Games

The Best Summer Pool Games

With the weather heating up, you and your kids are probably excited to get outside and start swimming in the pool. If you’re having a pool party or you just want to keep your kids entertained in the backyard, a few fun summer pool games can help. Here are some of the best summer pool games to keep you and your family having fun all summer long:

Pool Volleyball

A blast for all ages to play, pool volleyball can get your blood flowing and is a lot of fun for the whole family. Set up a net and play volleyball in your pool, except the water is the ground. Pool volleyball can be challenging since you have to move through water, but all the splashing and excitement makes it a great time for everyone.

Pool Basketball

Set up a hoop at the edge of your pool or buy a floating basketball hoop for some fun and competitive basketball games right in your pool. Pool basketball is also fun for any age, so you can play with your kids and teach them your basketball moves while cooling off in your pool.

Pool Noodle Races

Try getting your kids to race across the pool while swimming on their pool noodles. The noodles make it a little more challenging than running or swimming, and they’re guaranteed to have fun for hours.

Handstand Contest

A true classic, the handstand contest is always a fun way to play in your pool with the kids. Children and adults alike will enjoy competing for how long they can stay balanced upside down.

Chicken Fights

Always a fan favorite, chicken fights are a great way for kids to have safe little battles in the pool. Each fighter stands on someone’s shoulder and tries to wrestle their opponent into the water. Even when they’re too big to play, your kids will still be begging for a chicken fight.


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