What Pool Chemicals Do I Need for My Above Ground Pool?

What Pool Chemicals Do I Need for My Above Ground Pool?

An above ground pool is an excellent way to beat the heat and enjoy unlimited summer fun for the whole family. Keeping your above ground pool properly maintained is key. You want your above ground pool to be safe to use with crystal clear water. But what pool chemicals do you need for your above-ground pool? With over 50 years in the pool industry, Energy Center-Manhattan Pool can help you answer this question. Here are a few of the chemicals you should consider for your above ground pool.

Biguanide Pool Chemicals

For those looking for a chlorine alternative for their above ground pool, biguanide is the best pool chemical for you. Biguanide is an all-liquid pool chemical. As a result, there is no fear of it not dissolving and no need for a pool skimmer to disperse it. Since biguanide is very gentle on skin and hair, it is a great pool chemical option for the whole family. It also does not dissipate in the sun the way chlorine does. Soft Swim®, a biguanides pool chemical system, is easy to use and highly effective. Check out the full line of Soft Swim products.

Chlorine System

Chlorine is the traditional pool chemical for regular pool maintenance and is effective at doing so. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we offer chlorine available in smaller sizes ideal for above ground pools. We recommend following BioGuard®’s 3-Step System for chlorine pools. First, clean the water with Complete® tabs and sticks. Next, Smart Shock® is a quick dissolving pool shock that also kills bacteria, oxidizes, buffers, and clarifies the water. Third and finally, Algae Complete® both kills and prevents the growth of algae. 

Anti Foam

As swimmers enjoy your above ground pool, it’s not uncommon for hair products, deodorant, lotions, sunscreen, and even sweat to build up. This build-up can create an unsightly foam on the surface of your pool. Bioguard Anti Foam® is fast acting to deal with the foam and doesn’t affect the pH level of your pool. Additionally, you can get back to swimming quickly after application.

Stow-Away Pool Chemicals

Store your pool cover away for the season with peace of mind thanks to Stow-Away®. It is safe to use on your solar cover and winter cover. Stow-Away cleans and deodorizes your cover and prevents mold growth while in storage. Using Stow-Away regularly can extend the life of your pool cover.

Smart Shield 

Can your pool chemicals save you money? Yes! Save expenses on your above ground pool by preventing water evaporation and heat loss with Smart Shield®. Smart Shield creates an unnoticeably thin barrier on your pool to keep water and heat in, and it only has to be used once a month. It is completely safe for your family and pets. Watch here to learn more!


Choosing the right pool chemicals for your above ground pool doesn’t have to be complicated. Stop by our store in Manhattan to talk with our experienced pool professionals. We can help you find just what you need. Contact us at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool to get your pool chemicals today!

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