Hatch Your Thanksgiving Turkey from a Big Green Egg

Hatch Your Thanksgiving Turkey from a Big Green Egg

Preparing and cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving should be a rite of passage. You can pull up a thousand recipes, each with its own tips and tricks on the must-do’s for a deliciously moist bird. Brine, baste, stuff, fry, bake, spatchcock, and don’t forget to have the Turkey Talk-Line on speed dial! That’s right- there is a whole host of individuals waiting to take your call, and answer all of your last-minute panic questions about the elusive perfectly cooked turkey. Instead of disappointing your mother-in-law with a half raw bird, let’s hatch your Thanksgiving turkey from a Big Green Egg! Turkeys come from eggs, so it’s only fair to return them to their natural habitat. Deliver the Thanksgiving feast that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Fire up that Big Green Egg, and let it do the work for you. Here are a few tips to ensure the perfect, juicy bird.

Turkeys Come in All Sizes

Choose your turkey size based on the size of guests, as well as the size of your Big Green Egg.  An easy and generous formula is one pound of bird for every guest. If you have a medium Big Green Egg, a 10-12 pound turkey will work perfectly. If you have the large Big Green Egg, go ahead and grab that 18-20 pounder! The bigger the turkey, the more leftover!

Family Matters

Why volunteer to be the stressed-out cook, who stands by the oven and babysits the turkey for the entirety of Thanksgiving? Watch the football game, spend time with your family, and rest assured that the Big Green Egg is working its magic. The Big Green Egg is masterful at maintaining its internal temperature, no matter the outdoor weather, because of its ceramic walls. So go put your feet up, and create memories that don’t involve watching the clock.

Find your Flavor

Whether you’re choosing to brine the turkey, which spices to use as your rub, choosing your wood chip preference, or you’re deciding what to inject the bird with, the flavor options are truly endless. The Big Green Egg website has so many recipes and spice combinations to choose from. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, you can find everything from Big Green Egg injectors to the Big Green Egg ceramic vertical turkey roaster. Check out our online shop today!

Check for Temp

The good folks at Big Green Egg recommend cooking a turkey for approximately 12 minutes per pound, at a temp of 325 degrees. While there are varying ideas out there on the perfect temperature and time to cook a turkey, the true test of a perfect bird will be its internal temp. USDA guidelines recommend an internal temperature of 165 degrees on a turkey. Once you take your turkey off of the heat, its temperature will continue to rise as it begins to rest. Now, the juices start to settle, and you’re well on your way to the title of Turkey King.

Bragging Rights

You’ve earned it: Turkey King, cooker of the best Thanksgiving turkey. Make sure they never forget. Take pictures by your Big Green Egg. Buy yourself a trophy. Have everyone stand around and clap as you slice the meat. Whatever extravagance you choose, just go big. But don’t forget, they’re going to be asking you to cook the turkey every year from here on out. Sounds like a perfect excuse to buy all those Big Green Egg accessories you’ve been wanting. 

Good news! At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we can hook you up with the best Big Green Egg for the holidays and beyond! If you’re needing wood chips, accessories, or rubs, check out our online store. We hope you all have the best holiday season with your loved ones, and we know you’ll have the best turkey in the neighborhood. After all, you hatched your Thanksgiving turkey from a Big Green Egg!

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