Will a Gas Fireplace Work Without Electricity?

Will a Gas Fireplace Work Without Electricity?

As you are snuggled up in front of your gas fireplace in the winter months, you may be wondering, what happens if the electricity goes off? Will a gas fireplace work without electricity? Energy Center-Manhattan Pool has that answer for you.

Ignition Types

Most gas fireplaces today have an Intermittent Pilot Ignition, which requires an electronic switch or remote control for turning the gas fireplace on and off. When you flip the switch on, the gas valve opens. The pilot turns off after you light the fireplace. Lighting the pilot manually on those with an Intermittent Pilot Ignition is a little more involved than with the standing pilot light. Consult a professional at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool if you are having issues with the pilot lighting. 

If your gas fireplace has a battery backup for the electronic switch or remote, it will work when the power is off. It is best to keep batteries on hand and only put them in the backup battery supply when needed. If your gas fireplace did not come with a battery backup, you can have one installed. 

Older gas fireplaces do not have an electronic ignition. They have a standing pilot light that stays lit all of the time. If for some reason the pilot light goes out, you can light the pilot manually. Those fireplaces with non-electronic ignition usually stay on without any problem when the power goes out.

We understand that staying warm is important. Most brands, Heat-N-Glo, Mendota, Fireplace Xtrordinair, carried by Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, come with a battery-back-up system. So, your Energy Center-Manhattan Pool gas fireplace should continue working even if the electricity goes out. 


If your gas fireplace has a blower to help move heat throughout the house, the blower will not work when the power is off. But, the gas fireplace will keep producing radiant heat until the power comes back on. Vented fireplaces can run with or without the fan (blower). It is possible to hook up your blower to an external battery. If your fireplace does not have a blower, a blower fan can be added to most models. 

Trial Run

To prepare for a power outage, have a professional look over your system. A professional will check to see if you have a battery-back-up system in place. The professional can turn the system off and make sure that the battery-back up is working properly. Planning ahead is always the best option. 

Also, it is important to keep your gas fireplace maintained so that it is in good working order in the event that the electricity does go off. An annual cleaning and inspection helps avoid any issues that might arise with your gas fireplace. Having a carbon monoxide detector is also recommended when you have a gas fireplace in your home. 

So, now you have your answer to the original question: Will a gas fireplace work without electricity? The answer is YES! If you have any questions about your gas fireplace, call Energy Center-Manhattan Pool at 785-432-4607. Come find your gathering place.

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