Why You Should Buy a Hot Tub from a Local Dealer

Why You Should Buy a Hot Tub from a Local Dealer

Traveling spa shows are very tempting when you’re searching for a hot tub for your backyard. They promote blowout prices for quality hot tub brands and quick delivery right to your doorstep. If it sounds too good to be true and well… it is. You may not be getting as good of a deal on a hot tub as you think you are. On the other hand, there are a lot of reasons why you should buy a hot tub from a local dealer like Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

Our hot tubs are quality

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we have a lot of experience with hot tubs, and we know a quality brand when we see one. That’s why we stand by the Hot Spring® brand. Hot Spring manufactures their spas with the highest quality standards and they stand the test of time. They provide the best hydrotherapy and simple water care.

Ultimately, a Hot Spring hot tub will give you the absolute best hot tub ownership. More so than a hot tub from a traveling spa show.

We deliver and install your hot tub as a local dealer

When a traveling spa show offers delivery, this doesn’t include installation. Your new hot tub will be dropped off on the curb, leaving you to handle installation on your own. That means hauling it into your backyard, figuring out electrical set up and water care, all by yourself and whoever you can find to help you.

When you order a hot tub from Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we deliver and install your hot tub. We make sure it’s installed correctly and up and running. Also, we go over how to operate and care for it with you. So, your hot tub is ready for you to use by the time we’re done.

We offer certified service as a local dealer

If your hot tub from a spa show needs service, the person to call for service has long since left town.

With Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we have a fully-trained service team who are certified to care for your hot tub, and we continuously stay up-to-date on training. Your hot tub is in good hands with our dedicated service technicians!

We’re here to stay

Many traveling spa shows are here today and gone tomorrow. This means any questions you may have go unanswered, because the salesperson who sold you the hot tub will no longer be around to answer your questions.

Energy Center-Manhattan Pool is a business that has been a local community staple here in Manhattan, Kansas for 20 years. When you buy a hot tub from a local dealer like us, we’ll be here for the entire duration of your hot tub ownership. If you have questions, we’re here for you. Need to restock on spa chemicals? We have an online store where you can shop locally! If you need a replacement cover or other hot tub accessories, we’ve got you covered. No matter what, we’ll still be here to get you anything you need for your hot tub, so shop locally for your hot tub with us!

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