Why You Need a Basic Fireplace Inspection

Why You Need a Basic Fireplace Inspection

After your fireplace has been sitting idle for several months, it is always a good idea to get a basic inspection done and a good general cleaning before firing it up again for the winter. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we do a lot more than just pools. We are certified to inspect, clean, and install fireplaces. We do fireplace inspections on homes for sale too. Here are some reasons why you need a basic fireplace inspection.


Safety should always be your main concern, especially when fire is involved. After all, you are starting a fire inside your house. Be familiar with your fireplace; keep it clean after each use. Keep everything as safe as can be with proper cleaning, inspection, and upkeep.  

When the fireplace is in constant use, the ashes, smoke, and gases leave behind particles on the walls of the fireplace. If cleaned and inspected on a yearly basis, this residue can be kept under control. But, if left unchecked, it can cause a build-up that glazes and is more prone to chimney fires. We recommend a chimney sweep anytime build-up is ⅛” or more. Many times we have to sweep just to see the condition of the flue. If you can smell this buildup during the summer months, that is an indicator that there is an issue to be taken care of. 


There are certain requirements for each fireplace. You may not be aware of the requirements for your particular fireplace. We will check out which model you have and see exactly what your mantle clearance and clearance to combustibles should be. 

Maintaining your fireplace and chimney is very important. The biggest potential problems for your chimney will probably be weather and water. Weather and water can cause damage to both types of chimneys—metal and masonry. Your chimney should have a crown, preferably with a drip edge that will keep water out of the chimney. Having flashing around the base of the chimney where the chimney meets the roof prevents moisture from getting inside the attic.

If your chimney is made of bricks, special waterproofing products can be applied to the bricks to keep water and moisture out. If moisture gets inside the bricks, it will freeze and then thaw causing the bricks to expand and eventually start falling apart. Our CSIA certified inspectors will be happy to check your chimney to make sure that it has the proper safety measures in place.


A basic fireplace inspection includes the following:

1) Checking hearth extension

2) Checking mantle clearance

3) Vacuuming walls, screens, and vents

4) Cleaning glass

5) Brushing the walls

6) Sweeping the chimney

7) Running a camera inside the fireplace and chimney to check for buildup or possible obstructions

8) Doing an attic inspection to check the clearance to combustible materials

9) Pulling the vent and checking the blower

10) Checking the seams of the pipe – looking for bulges or discoloration

11) Checking the seal on the roof

Check out our video on exactly what a basic fireplace inspection entails. Call Energy Center-Manhattan Pool with any troubleshooting or installation questions and schedule your fireplace inspection today. Call us at 785-776-5118 or 1-800-287-5118. We recommend a yearly fireplace inspection and to keep your fireplace in the best working order possible

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