Which Fireplace is Better for Me?

Which Fireplace is Better for Me?

There are few things as inviting as a cozy fire to curl up to – crackling in the background, with that comforting smoky smell. So, as you try to decide which fireplace is better for your home and needs, let’s take a quick look at the differences between a Masonry fireplace and a Zero-Clearance fireplace.

What Is the Difference Between Masonry and Zero-Clearance?

A masonry fireplace is typically built out of fire-resistant materials such as brick or stone, and these structures include the firebox, flue, and chimney. On the contrary, a Zero-Clearance fireplace is not a structure, but rather an appliance. These sleek and stylish options are made of prefabricated components and use less space. Either option allows you to build a safe fire indoors, cutting down on energy costs, and adding to the ambiance of your home. 

The biggest difference lies in how they are installed. A Zero-Clearance fireplace is usually much cheaper to install and can be placed in almost any room of your home, while masonry is fairly limited when it comes to location possibilities.

Which Is More Efficient? 

When it comes to heating your home, you no doubt want the very best. Masonry fireplaces are lovely, but most of the heat is lost through the chimney. A Zero-Clearance fireplace is much more efficient than a traditional fireplace. Some hearth options work with as much as 75% heating efficiency. Actually, Zero-Clearance options that offer 75% or more energy-efficiency currently qualify for 26% tax credit on your unit, vent, and your installation. 

Which Is More Aesthetically Pleasing?

Finding the most aesthetically pleasing fireplace is really a matter of personal opinion. Masonry fireplaces provide a majestic centerpiece for your living space, easily becoming beautiful eye-catching anchors in family rooms. These styles usually fit well in a home with a more traditional, or rustic feel. 

However, you can find a Zero-Clearance fireplace in almost any style, matching the ambiance of your home easily. And, because of its simple installation process and sleeker design, it will fit well in your family room, dining room, bedroom, or even bathroom as a stunning, functional feature. 

Want the best of both worlds? Enjoy more heat, more energy-efficiency, AND the look and feel of a masonry hearth when you choose a Zero-Clearance.  

Which Is Easier To Maintain?

Both the traditional stone hearth and the Zero-Clearance option require yearly maintenance, at the very minimum. Both masonry and Zero-Clearance options will need to be swept. This keeps your fireplace burning safely and heating efficiently. Always contact a professional to clean and maintain your hearth. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, our certified chimney sweeps offer a vast variety of services, preventative and repair for masonry and Zero-Clearance units. 

Where To Go for Your Hearth Needs?

So, which fireplace is better? That’s up to you! But, when you decide to add a gas or wood burning fireplace to your home, look no further than Energy Center-Manhattan Pool! We do MUCH more than pools! We offer a wide variety of stunning stoves and fireplaces to enhance your home. Our fireplace experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Our skilled technicians are always on standby to assist with any hearth related maintenance or repairs. You can trust that you will receive a quality product, with a quality install, and quality care. Come Find Your Gathering Place at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

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