When Should I Open My Pool in Kansas?

When Should I Open My Pool in Kansas?

There’s only one thing slower than Christmas Day: the opening of pool season! After a long, cold winter children and adults alike are eager for summer to commence and pool fun to begin. But, when should you open your pool in Kansas? Well, it’s usually better to wait until the weather is consistently 70 degrees and above. In Kansas, that usually happens in May. While this may seem early and before true pool weather has arrived, here are some considerations for pool openings in Riley County, Kansas.

Avoid Pollen

Tree pollen arrives with a ferociousness in spring. It finds its way onto your car, your windows, the bottoms of your shoes, and nearly everywhere in between. For many, it can also cause terrible and annoying allergies.

Your pool is not immune to the tree pollen, either. It can cause an unsightly yellow froth in a closed pool that is no fun to clean. By opening your pool in May, though, tree pollen should be at the tail end of its season. Once you open your pool, its filtration system will be up and running to clear out any remaining pollen and keep the water crystal clear. 

Avoid Algae Growth

After May, the temperatures will begin to rise quickly and summer will fully arrive. During long, hot summer days, algae growth flourishes in still waters such as a closed pool. This means the later you wait to open your pool, the more algae growth you’ll have to clean and deal with. Once your pool is opened, however, the circulating water and regular maintenance routine prevents algae from thriving.

Another way to avoid algae growth this spring is to stock up on algaecide from Energy Center-Manhattan Pool. If you have any questions, reach out!


Some people fear opening your pool too early before swim season will be more expensive due to typical electrical costs and chemicals of the pool. However, by opening your pool later when algae, pollen, and other spring debris needs to be taken care of all at once, you incur additional expense as well from cleaning supplies and extra chemicals. This additional cleaning and preparation also costs you your valuable time to do so.

Be Ready for Swim Season

By opening your pool in May, you’ll be fully ready to enjoy the swim season that follows shortly after. However, it’s best to prepare for opening your pool ahead of time and get your supplies ready by at least April. That way, you’ll avoid the last minute pool-opening rush and have everything ready to open your pool in May! We have a few expert pool opening tips here to get you started and recommend the BioGuard Pool Opening Complete.

How Can I Open My Pool?

If you need help opening your pool, Energy Center-Manhattan Pool can help! We’ve been in the pool and spa business for over 50 years. Our team of pool experts can get your pool up and running so swim season can officially begin. It’s never too early to get on our service list. Contact us today to reserve your spot!

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