What to do if it Snows on Your Pool

What to do if it Snows on Your Pool

While everyone else may be dreaming of a White Christmas, pool owners in Kansas may not be having a day that’s so merry and bright if it snows on their pool. Yes, heavy snowfall affects swimming pools and if left unattended, could cause costly damage that will need to be addressed as soon as possible. So preventative measures need to be taken to protect your pool from snow. Here’s what to do if it snows on your pool.

What to do if it snows on your inground pool

It may seem that having that sturdy winter cover in place is enough to keep your inground pool protected. The truth is that the snow can do a lot of damage to your cover, if left for too long. 

You’ll want to address that accumulating snow as soon as you can. Snow gets very heavy when it starts to pile up and puts undue pressure on your cover. If there isn’t a large amount of snow, a broom with soft bristles will usually do the job, provided that it’s long enough to reach everything. Be sure not to grab anything with sharp points! You don’t want to risk damaging your winter cover during clearing. 

Lighter snow can also often be removed with a leaf blower. In addition, there are special tools available made specifically for pool snow removal. This may be your best option if the snow has been sitting for a while and has become more compacted. 

For snow that has melted and left a puddle of water in the middle of your inground pool cover, a pool cover pump is the way to go. The pump allows you to get the water off before the freezing temperatures return and create a sharp and heavy iceberg in the middle of your cover.   

What to do if it snows on your above ground pool

If you have an above ground pool, you need to think about both the cover and the pool. Your winter cover and pool can be damaged by the weight of accumulating snow. With an above ground pool, the cover is attached to the pool walls. If snow accumulates and puts a lot of pressure on your cover, it also transferring to the pool itself. 

That’s why it’s especially imperative to remove snow from your above ground pool cover. Luckily, there is often less surface to clear with an above ground pool. The same snow removal methods used for inground pools can be used for above ground pools. It’s also important to note that having an air pillow under the winter cover of your above ground pool takes some of the pressure off your pool walls over the winter.

Snow also affects your pool’s chemistry

If your pool cover comes off under the weight of the snow or stretches enough that some snow gets in, then your pool chemistry can be affected. Precipitation, whether it’s rain or snow, tends to be acidic. Just how acidic snow is depends a lot on what’s in the air at the time. This is why, even in the wintertime, you need to keep tabs on your pool’s chemistry. Test the water and adjust as necessary, especially if snow has gotten under your cover. Also, keep an eye on your water level. If the water gets too low, that heavy snow will have more room to stretch down your cover.


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