What is a Portable Hot Tub?

What is a Portable Hot Tub?

Spring may be for cleaning, but fall is for home improvement! This fall, consider improving your backyard, your lifestyle, and your health with a portable hot tub. What is a portable hot tub? A portable hot tub is a hot tub that is not built into the ground but sits on top of it or is just partially buried. A portable spa also has many perks that inground spas do not, which is precisely why at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we carry this option for our customers. Now, let us explain why we love portable hot tubs and how to choose the right one for you.

Perks of a Portable Hot Tub

As opposed to an inground spa, a portable hot tub offers you versatility. If you move to a new home or need to relocate your spa in your yard, it can be done without too much difficulty. You also have more versatility in where your spa can be located. While an inground spa needs to be near plumbing and usually near a pool, a portable hot tub can be installed on a concrete pad in your yard, on a reinforced deck, near your back door, tucked in a corner, out in the open, or just about anywhere in between.

Portable hot tubs are also easier to maintain. Unlike inground spas, portable spas are made with high-quality acrylic shells that are built to last. They are designed to resist bacteria and algae growth and can easily be wiped down. This means more time enjoying and less time trying to keep your hot tub clean!

You also get advanced hydrotherapy benefits with a portable spa. Inground spas simply circulate water, sometimes with force.  On the other hand, portable hot tubs have jet technology with precise placement and varied strengths. Often, you can choose the best jet types and seat types for your needs. This allows you to take hot tub benefits to the next level. 

Types of Portable Hot Tubs

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we carry both plug-and-play hot tubs and hard-wired hot tubs. Both are great portable spa options to choose from!

Plug and Play Hot Tubs

A plug-and-play hot tub simply means the hot tub runs on 110V of electricity, which is a standard home plug. This makes using a plug-and-play hot tub super simple! There is no need for an electrician to get a 110v hot tub up and running; just plug in an outlet. 

Hard-Wired Hot Tubs

On the other hand, a hard-wired hot tub runs on 220V of electricity. While you need to have a dedicated electrical line installed for a hard-wired hot tub, this allows them to be stronger and more powerful. Some 220V hot tubs do have the option to be portable, they aren’t quite as portable as a plug-and-play hot tub. You just have to keep in mind that, if you do intend to take your 220V when you move, you will likely need to have an electrical line installed at your new home, as well.

Where to Buy a Portable Hot Tub

Energy Center-Manhattan Pools is Riley County’s premier choice for buying a portable hot tub. We proudly carry Hot Spring® Spas, Fantasy® Spas, and Marquis Spas for our customers. Stop by our store in Manhattan to learn more about portable spas and which might be the best hot tub for you. Come find your gathering place with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool!

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