Warm Winter Desserts From Your Grill

Warm Winter Desserts From Your Grill

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and you dominated that turkey on your grill. As winter presses on, your cravings may transition to all things sweet. Hey, even Buddy the Elf loaded up his spaghetti with candy canes and syrup. Pre-made cookie dough and frozen pies may be simple, but you can widen your horizons by turning to your grill for all things desserts this season. If you’re up for a wood-fired approach to some of your favorite sweets, here are some amazing recipes for warm winter desserts from your grill. 

Always Room for Chocolate

A good chocolate chip cookie recipe is the cornerstone of all dessert recipes. Warm chocolate chip cookies on a plate are the most welcoming sight (and scent) for guests. If you’re putting together Christmas treats for your neighbors, or the local fire department, these grilled cookies will be delightful for all. Santa himself will be coming back for seconds. 

Streusel Hits the Spot

An apple crisp combines all the things we love about winter. Sugar, spice, streusel – Amazing! If you love apple pie, you should definitely try a grilled apple crisp to get a unique twist with smoky flavor. Not a big fan of apples? You could easily swap them for some in-season berries. You literally can’t go wrong here, unless you forget to top it with vanilla ice cream. Don’t do that. 

Caramel, Pecans, Brownies, Oh My!

Brownies with a nutty, caramel twist have warm winter dessert decadence written all over them. Any chocolatey recipe that can be topped with ice cream or whipped cream is a win in our book. Try grilling your caramel pecan brownies in a cast iron skillet, topped with roasted pecans. Amazing! 

Yum Rhymes With Rum

We’ve covered chocolate, fruit, spices and nuts in our dessert lineup. But, we haven’t covered rum. This recipe could not be simpler. A little shortcut by using a boxed cake mix, but a big bonus when you get that toasty smoked flavor coming through. A rum cake is the perfect gift or dish to bring to any party this season. Try it in your Big Green Egg

Delightfully Smoky Pecans

Cake or Pie? If you answered pie, then this one’s for you! You haven’t had a true holiday season if it hasn’t included eating way too many slices of grilled pecan pie. Use a pre-made crust to make this dessert a super simple, and spectacularly delicious go-to. All the ingredients are things you can most likely find in your pantry, so if you have a sweet tooth tonight, this is the one! 

Rollin’ in the Dough

Who said you can’t have dessert for breakfast? This wood-fired take on a transitional sweet will have you ditching the canned variety in no time. Baked cinnamon rolls could be the start of a New Year’s morning tradition! One reviewer called these the “Best cinnamon rolls EVER!” So, what are you waiting for? Cinnamon-y, cream cheese-y, warm gooey deliciousness is waiting for you to fire up the grill. 

All Things Sweet and Grilled

These warm winter desserts for your grill are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sweet treats you can create. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we can help you find the perfect grill for your lifestyle and grilling dreams! We know that having a space outdoors to entertain and cook for your family and friends is a huge component of what a home is made of. Come Find Your Gathering Place, and perhaps a new grill, at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool!

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